How to learn to be tightened it is more

How to learn to be tightened it is more

To aspire to bigger and to the best - distinctive feature of the real man. Someone builds career, and someone, without forgetting also about it, builds the body. One of steps to excellent health and appearance - physical exercises, in particular, pullings up.


1. For a start we will specify what groups of muscles and exercises should be carried out and developed to be tightened more than your limit. First, it is necessary to develop such groups of muscles as: muscles of hands (triceps, biceps), back muscles (the widest, trapeze) and stomach muscles (abdominal). For their development it will be required to perform several exercises systematically. Such exercises as push-ups from the floor and on bars are useful to muscles of hands (triceps, the biceps) (alternate grips and under different bending). Remember that athletes are wrung out in two various ways. The first develops static force: with the direct case execute push-ups with pace of 20 times a minute from the provision of the lying support.

2. The second way develops dynamic force: with the deflection in the backbone (the basin is lowered to the floor) execute push-ups with pace of 60 - 80 times a minute from the provision of the lying support. Standard twisting from the floor with the emphasis of legs, leg raises (straight lines, knees) in the hang 3-4 sets of repetitions will help to pump up till 10-25 abdominal muscles.

3. Just before pullings up it is necessary to warm up in the gym. Execute thirst of the lower block for the belt 4 sets till 10-12 times, then draft of the top block for the head wide grip 4 sets till 8-10 times, in end execute shrugs with the post and dumbbells 3-4 sets till 8-12 of repetitions. Back muscles (the widest, the trapeze) train, of course, pullings up, but executed by wide grip. To be wrung out more, use special talc, hands won't slide. It is necessary not to forget about the dream and food: to sleep for 8-9 hours at night, whenever possible 1–2 hours in the afternoon, to eat properly, however you remember that 4–5 single food – the key to success to train regularly and to have a rest after the trainings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team