How to learn to be wrung out on fingers"

How to learn to be wrung out on fingers"

Among the complicated types of push-ups push-ups on fingers are considered as the most popular. About whether really this exercise is useful to whom and why it can be recommended, the speech in this review will go.

What muscles work

Push-ups (including on fingers) – one of zffektivny sports exercises as almost all groups of muscles are involved:

  • humeral belt – front bunches of deltas;
  • hands are tricepses and muscles of forearms;
  • the breast is big chest;
  • the back is trapezoid and the widest;
  • legs are quadriceps, sural and hips.

Muscles of a press and buttocks also participate in work. Muscles of a press keep a body in direct situation and support work of the muscular groups which are listed above. Sheaves and sinews are developed, the bearing improves. The maximum muscular load is the share of hands and chest department.

Important! On an equal basis with other groups of muscles, push-ups swing thorax muscles, and it helps the woman to lift a bust after the delivery and bringing up of the kid. Preventive impact on a breast and prevention of its age deformation are indisputable.

And still – on muscles and ligaments of fingers, hands. That is why this the basic, carried-out on a floor exercise is useful for prevention of diseases of joints, arthritis and pathologies of a backbone – a curvature, stoop, osteochondrosis. The tenacity of capture at athletes trains (due to development of fingers and brushes). To athletes or, for example, throwers of a hammer, it allows not only to throw further a shell, but also to avoid injuries of joints and brushes. Those who works hard at the computer will also not be prevented by strong fingers, good motility of hands and a sure bearing.

We advise to learn to you about how it is correct to carry out different types of push-ups.

Advantage and harm

Certainly, any physical activity (and push-ups including) considerably improves the general condition of an organism. Such exercises should be included in the SHOUTING complex because:

  • forearms become stronger from fingers to an elbow;
  • the flexibility of joints develops;
  • motive reactions of hands improve;
  • sheaves become stronger, the elasticity of muscles increases;
  • exercise is necessary for prevention of inflammation of joints (arthritises, bursit);
  • it is a peculiar cardiotraining.

Advantage of push-ups in general for an organism:

  • development of muscles of a humeral belt and hands;
  • strengthening of muscles of a press and lumbar;
  • due to inflow of blood to ligaments and joints the intensity of inflammatory processes decreases;
  • prevention and support of therapy of a backbone due to strengthening of muscles of a back, a breast and a forearm is performed.

East medicine considers that on fingers there is a set of acupuncture points. Being wrung out, the person influences most of them, thereby making the revitalizing impact on all organism in general, including internals. It strengthens health and improves health.

Whether you know? Push-ups are used for assessment of suitability and force in offices of Armed forces, police and fire service. They also often join in screening and are peculiar assessment of muscular endurance.

As well as any kinds of sport, push-up on fingers are not deprived of contraindications. It is categorically contraindicated to carry out them to people:

  • with an excess weight;
  • with excessive fragility of bones;
  • which suffered a spine injury recently and are in the rehabilitation period;
  • with chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal device during aggravation.

Joints can physically be not ready to cope with body weight, and injuries not to avoid if to make such mistakes:

  • you carry out the main exercise without warm-up;
  • you give load of unprepared muscles;
  • excessively you train them.

Only that loading which is feasible to an organism is useful, develops and strengthens muscles. If you are not sure of a condition of the health or of what loading for you will be correct, consult with the trainer.

Read also as it is correct to carry out the return push-ups.

As it is correct to be wrung out on fingers: technology

Some consider that observance of the correct technology of performance of exercise is not so important. This wrong opinion. Actually, technology of push-ups considers elementary physics of bodies. The bent object will sustain big loading, than a straight line therefore the hand is put with the emphasis on fingers. If to pay attention, then they are at an angle in 45 ° to the floor plane.

Video: how correctly to be wrung out on fingers At the beginner fingers when performing exercise can cave in. In process of strengthening of muscles and ligaments, growth of physical training the setting of hands will become surer. Also it is not obligatory for you to involve a thumb in an emphasis – some athletes carry out push-ups without it.

Important! Some think that the number of push-ups is an indicator of force of an upper body. In fact, it indicates endurance of muscles. If you want to increase it – be wrung out!

So, after the correct setting of hands to accept an emphasis lying. Legs and a back have to be straight lines. To place emphasis of legs on socks. The best emphasis for push-ups turns out in the rubberized footwear. It provides good coupling with a floor and facilitates the correct performance of exercise.

To bend hands and to lower a trunk, and then to become straight, having accepted a starting position. At the beginner the fingers can be insufficiently developed, and he will not manage to execute exercise correctly at once. Then it is necessary to try to be wrung out several times. Next day push-up will turn out better. On that hands got used, and everything turned out correctly, about a week is required.

Video: push-ups on fingers the Same exercise it is possible to be carried out with the emphasis on small pillows of palms (at the same time fingers are in tension that indirectly strengthens them and prepares for the main loading.

Being wrung out, consider what is necessary:

  • to carry out any main exercises only after warm-up;
  • the number of repetitions has to be no more than 15-20 (in case everything comes easily and just, so time to increase loading or to complicate the equipment came);
  • to increase their quantity gradually;
  • it is correct to put hands and to observe technology of performance (experienced athletes can train other groups of muscles, combining them with push-up on fingers).

Now you know that the correct equipment gives.

Whether you know? According to sports medicine, the number of push-ups, standard for the person, depends on age. So, aged from 20 up to 29 years of the woman can execute from 17 to 33 push-ups, and men – from 35 to 44. Aged from 50 up to 59 years this indicator decreases till 6-14 push-ups for women and till 15-24 – for men.

World record

The Guinness Book of Records annually sets a set of records. Among them is a little, the concerning push-ups on fingers.

  • In April, 1992 in Great Britain the record of push-ups on one finger was set. Somebody was wrung out by Paule Lynch (Paul Lynch) 124 times.
  • In May, 1996 Terry Cole from Great Britain set up a record of push-ups on finger-tips. In total 8200 approaches in 5 hours were executed.
  • In October, 2013 the athlete from Georgia David Zhorzholiani was wrung out 20 times on two thumbs. The fact that David complicated exercise performance was unique, having executed it together with the 30-kilogram weight on a back.

The advantage of push-ups is indisputable. And if not to be overzealous with loading, then they do not do harm therefore will be useful to all persons 9 years, and irrespective of a floor are more senior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team