How to learn to do chin-ups

How to learn to do chin-ups

Pulling up on the horizontal bar – the excellent exercise available to each person to maintenance of physical shape. In spite of the fact that externally it seems very simple, in it there are rules and nuances of performance which you by all means need to study to learn to be tightened correctly.


1. That to learnby to be tightened on the horizontal bar and also depending on the purposes of your exercises, choose the most convenient type of the grip. The grip is the way of arrangement of hands on the horizontal bar. It can be: • Short when hands are located next to each other, over the head; • Usual when hands are located on the horizontal bar parallel to shoulders; • Wide when hands are intentionally put more widely than the level of shoulders. Besides, the grip is divided into direct, the return and mixed. • The grip when close fingers on the horizontal bar are located on behalf of tightened is called direct. • The reverse grip – at which close fingers of hands are located to the face of the athlete.· the mixed grip it is pulling up with alternation of the direct and reverse grip of hands on the horizontal bar when one hand keeps the direct grip, in another - the return. As you understand, the different type of the grip at pulling up involves various groups of muscles. Thus, being tightened, it is possible to develop not only muscles of the shoulder girdle, but also the back muscle.

2. To learn to do chin-ups, conform to the main rule. Pulling up is considered correct when the athlete's head during the movement describes the smooth semicircle in which lower point the top is located under the horizontal bar, and in the highest point – the chin on 1-2 centimeters is over the horizontal bar. The manner of pulling up has to be equal and quiet. Speed of pullings up shouldn't be too fast or, on the contrary, purposely slow.

3. The general provision of the body which is tightened has to be equal. Legs can be a little opened, but aren't divorced too widely in the parties. Any bouncings and twitchings on the horizontal bar which are usually designed to help to reach the chin the horizontal bar when at tightened forces come to an end actually take away even more your energy. Therefore if you feel that the necessary number of pullings up isn't gained yet, and forces already on the outcome, better make the small respite, than squeeze out of yourself the last pullings up breakthroughs. After a while return to the horizontal bar again. Muscles are much quicker recovered in operating time.

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