How to learn to do flasks back

How to learn to do flasks back

The flick-flack – the backward jump with turnover which is the important accelerating element as in the course of turnover you can gather the high speed of spin often occurs among different acrobatic tricks which are performed by gymnasts and athletes. Everyone who will spend enough forces and time for trainings and practice can learn such turnovers.


1. In order that it is correct to execute the flick-flack back, you need to work two movements – the backward jump with the support on hands, and then the jump from hands on legs. Begin to train with performance of the ordinary bridge from the standing position.

2. At first carry out the bridge with the safeguarding, and then do it independently, trying to fall back, and then to rise in the initial position the abrupt and biting movement. Put gym mats on the floor to soften blow and train sharply to offer hands and the trunk back, landing on the back after the jump.

3. Learn to jump out also back and up – if independently at you it is impossible to make it, ask the assistant to support you under the waist. During training jumps always do zakhlest by hands back.

4. Then work the handstand – you have to keep balance and balance of the body, and from the handstand sharply to jump on legs, doing the leg swing. This swing has to be fast and powerful - then the jump from hands on legs will be effective.

5. Work on sharpening of the technique of the flick-flack with the coach, but after at you turnover through the head, and then turnover from hands on legs begins to turn out, try to carry out turnovers without support. For the training you can carry out turnover from the lowered support on which there are your hands.

6. Repeat exercises repeatedly to avoid widespread mistakes – for example, too slow and sluggish leg swing which makes impossible powerful and active turnover. Always carry out the arms swing on the high curve, and put hands closer to the support legs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team