How to learn to do the one arm handstand

How to learn to do the one arm handstand

The one arm handstand is the difficult acrobatic trick. Long and persistent trainings are necessary for its development. Generally success depends on skill of the correct transfer of weight of the case from two hands on one.

It is initially necessary to develop the muscular complex. Training demands different amount of time, depending on individual qualities of training. On average from 1.5 to 3 years are necessary if occupations start from scratch.

General training routine

It is necessary to try to rise on hands, leaning legs against the wall. The biggest complexity is need to rise in the emphasis to the wall plane. At the beginning the help of other person, for secure will be required.

On development of muscles for the independent emphasis about the wall it is required from 2 weeks to one month, on condition of daily practice. If to ask about secure there is nobody, it is necessary to do exercise "bridge". This pose develops fundamental muscles which will be necessary for the one arm handstand.

In the course of the trainings it is necessary to try not to lean the elbows the head about the wall, to monitor breath, it has to be equal and free. After legs appeared on the floor, the head sharply can't be raised. It is necessary to massage softly the forehead the hand and to rise accurately.

How to take away legs from the wall?

When it turns out to stand freely on hands about the wall for 45 sec., it is possible to start the following exercise. It is necessary to remove slowly legs from the wall. If it turns out to keep on hands up to 8 sec., it is necessary to depart from the wall and to be engaged on the center of the room. It is necessary to put hands on the floor and to raise legs, as in the previous exercise. It is necessary to consider that there is no wall any more and not to do too sharp leg swings. The take-off from the floor will be stronger, the attraction force will be felt quicker. Therefore legs need to be raised accurately and very softly. To try to linger in the stance on two hands. When well turns out, practice exercise with legs in the split. Sometimes the stance with straight legs turns out only with the strong deflection in the waist. That the case was equal, it is necessary initially to learn to do the stance in the split, without bringing the leg for the back. When it is possible to get stronger in such situation, legs can be cramped gradually, then the deflection in the back won't be. It is necessary to learn to stand on hands up to 45 seconds.

Development of skill of balancing

It is necessary to train special situation in which conditions of development of muscles, necessary for balancing, improve. Muscular complexes develop only in such conditions in which the person placed himself. If there is a wish to stand on one hand, and never it before it was possible to make, it is necessary to move ahead to the purpose without breakthroughs. To part legs in the split, to carefully transfer body weight to one hand. It is necessary to learn to keep in the stance when the second hand is put on fingers. When it turns out to hold on so 20-30 seconds, it is possible to train to do the last exercise.

The balancing fingers

It is necessary to raise on one fingers of the released hand, since the little finger. At the same time to keep balance, not to hurry. It is better to do this exercise slowly, but it is correct. Over time, keeping balance, it is possible to help itself only average and index fingers of the second hand. Then to use only one finger then carefully to take away also it. When it turns out to execute quietly the element within 15 seconds, it is necessary to cramp legs. As a result it is possible to learn to become in the one arm handstand from the standing position.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team