How to learn to do the somersault in house conditions

How to learn to do the somersault in house conditions

The effective speeches of gymnasts which are broadcast on television struck you so that you decided to learn to carry out the somersault, imitating favourite athletes? For this purpose to you it is necessary not only to remember school gymnastic classes, but also to be engaged seriously in the physical shape.


1. Before starting gymnastic trainings, it is necessary to strengthen the body and to develop muscles, doing traditional sports. Best of all – the same gymnastics or swimming.

2. Before each training don't forget that at first it is necessary "to warm" the body, carrying out within at least 10-15 minutes of stretching exercise and flexibility. It is quite good if at you in the apartment or the house the sports corner or even gym as it is the best of all to perform such exercises at "the Swedish wall" is equipped. However, the expander and the usual chair initially will fit.

3. Lay the gym mat on the floor to learn to somersault correctly. It should be made in order that the body "remembered" the sequence of actions which are used also when performing the somersault.

4. Cramp legs together, expose hands forward, bend the head and make the forward somersault. Carry out this element without abrupt movements not to stretch the sheaf or not to injure the backbone. At first you can perform this exercise under observation or by means of the family or friends, and then – independently.

5. After you learned to carry out the forward somersault on the gym mat, it is possible to try to make it in air. Take several mats, put them at each other. Depart from them on decent distance, run up so that it was possible to jump up directly before them. Then – make the jump and execute the forward somersault habitual already. Try to land on legs.

6. If at you it is impossible to make the somersault so far, so you didn't learn to be grouped and displace the center of gravity from the trunk on legs yet. It is possible to learn it only on condition of constant trainings.

7. Address coaches that they could estimate your efforts and point to you to possible mistakes which are better for correcting at the beginning of work on the somersault (and other elements) that the body didn't manage to get used to the wrong position at its performance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team