How to learn to do the split. Exercises for the extension of muscles

How to learn to do the split. Exercises for the extension of muscles

What girl doesn't dream of the full extension of the hip joint? To stretch out at once it won't turn out, the extension of muscles and ligaments has to be carried out gradually, for this purpose there is the whole set of exercises.

To learn to do the split it is possible for several months, training on three times a week. Time of occupations - about 15-20 minutes therefore it is convenient to carry out trainings even in breaks between housework. Over time can be required to increase intensity and time of trainings, but it becomes with feeling of opportunities of the body individually.

The clothes for trainings of the split have to be free. Well the sports bra, cut-offs or leggings will approach. If occupations are spent at home, it is possible to do without footwear.

Before the training it is necessary to warm muscles. It is possible to make it by means of squats and jumps on the jump rope, easy jogging or the hot bathroom. After the warming up of the muscle it is necessary to bring into the tone, carrying out leg swings. - costing the home position for cross swings, legs shoulder width apart, hands are extended before themselves and rested against the wall. It is serially necessary to raise and shake here and there at first one, and then other leg. Longitudinal swings need to be carried out, having turned to the wall sideways and resting against it one hand. The left and right leg needs to be shaken the pendulum forward and back, reaching limit points of tension. When performing this exercise in legs the slight monotonous pain has to be felt.

The first stretching exercise is performed sitting on buttocks, legs are bent, knees are divorced in the parties, the foot are put before themselves. The springing movements without hands it is necessary to try to touch by floor knees. Exercise is performed two and a half minutes.

Abstruse, nagging pain - are good the sign testifying to the correct extension of muscles and ligaments. If pain becomes sharp and burning, the training needs to be stopped immediately, having put ice to the injured muscle.

Home position for the second exercise - being kneeling with the legs divorced against the stop, shins are sent back and to the parties, it is necessary to try to hold them parallel to the floor. It is necessary to bend down as it is possible stronger, to reach the breast for the floor, supporting the trunk by hands. In the point of the maximum tension it is necessary to stop and record the body in such situation for 2-3 minutes. It is necessary to repeat exercise not less than two times, for the second month of trainings it is necessary to straighten serially each leg, taking it aside. The third exercise - bendings. - costing the home position, legs shoulder width apart, heels don't come off the floor. It is necessary to bend forward against the stop, to record the trunk and to begin to reach for the floor the springing movements. It is very important not to bend legs in knees and to hold palms parallel to the floor. Over time this exercise can be improved. The home position - sitting, palms on the floor directly before itself. It is necessary to try to rise in the standing position, without tearing off hands from the floor.

When performing this exercise it is necessary to pay special attention to the back. In the start of exercises the backbone should be held equal as long as possible, at emergence of tension and slight pain it is possible to relax the back a little.

It is necessary to finish the training with attempts to stretch out. To avoid traumatism, it is possible to perform one simple exercise. Sitting on the floor and having placed legs in the parties, it is necessary to set them against the wall. Then gradually to pripodymatsya and approach the wall, parting legs stronger. After each advance it is necessary to record situation for a while up to one minute, then to continue the extension. It is necessary to hold the body in the provision of the maximum extension not less than three minutes.

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