How to learn to do the wheel

How to learn to do the wheel

The wheel is one of the most effective and at the same time simple exercises which is available to everyone who regularly does fitness or just watches the physical shape. The wheel belongs to exercises which can learn to be done independently at observance of certain safety measures and secure of the assistant.


1. First of all, release around yourself space. Of course, to learn to do the wheel is easier in the hall which is specially intended for trainings. If to visit such hall there is no opportunity, as much as possible clear away room space. Remove furniture with acute angles and hide ware. You remember about safety. If there isn't a lot of free space as it would be desirable, and you are afraid for the opportunities, ask somebody you to secure in time exercises.

2. Many people are given the wheel from any one party more conveniently. To learn to do the wheel correctly, define in what party, to the right or to the left, it will be easier for you to carry out it.

3. Mentally present all accurate sequence of movements during exercise. You should redistribute smoothly the weight of the body on four points during performance of the wheel. Let's assume, your pivot foot – left, in this case the sequence "rollings will be following: the left leg – the left hand – the right hand – the right leg. If the pivot foot – right, then all on the contrary.

4. After you mentally presented all sequence of actions, try to execute it. Let the assistant you will secure at the beginning. Perhaps, it is required to hold legs when they are above until you learn to control the center of gravity independently.

5. It is ideal if you learn to do the wheel slowly, in any its point to be late most long, to smoothly transfer weight of the body to the following reference point and to get up exactly on the end of exercise. When learn you will do the wheel, most likely, over time you to be perplexed, unless it validly was difficult? This exercise will seem to you so natural and easy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team