How to learn to do tricks

How to learn to do tricks

If you want to begin to master the skateboard, be not frightened to variety of tricks. The fact is that many of them are carried out on the basis of less difficult, but not less important tricks. The driving basis on the skateboard is in fact only one trick – Ollie. Having mastered and having perfected this trick, you learn the rest quicker.


1. High ""ollies"" looks perfectly therefore each skateboarder beginner dreams to learn this trick. And there is nothing difficult, you need to follow some advice only.

2. Disperse, it is only not strong. Put the foot of your leading leg closer to front bolts or on the middle of the sound board of the board. And put the take-off foot on ""teyl"" (the back part of the board). Bend knees, concentrate and prepare for the jump.

3. To important components ""ollies"" the movement "shchelchok" is. The sharp push kick (or pressing) the take-off foot by the tail part of the skateboard and the sharp take-off following right after pressing from the earth together with the board – this is also slap shot. Make a start only the take-off foot. Then the nose of the board will direct the first up. Height of the trick depends at most and sharpnesses of slap shot.

4. Slap shot is followed at once by the extract. This movement is carried out after the sound board tail breakaway from the earth and raising of the nose of the board when it is necessary to extend the board. The extract is the second key ollies element and represents the movement forward-upward the foot of the leading leg twisted inside on the snowboard skin. Exactly thanks to this movement the board also comes off the surface.

5. After you master slap shot and the extract, you will need only to master landing. It is simple. Try to put when landing legs to the region of bolts, then the probability of breakage of the board (it happens too) comes down practically to zero. Control the center of gravity of the body that it didn't fall on the central part of the skateboard during flight. But strongly to deviate back or forward isn't necessary – your board when landing can take off at you from under legs or (that it is even worse) to break.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team