How to learn to go the fad by skis

How to learn to go the fad by skis

The skiing becomes more and more popular recently. Perhaps, it occurs thanks to progress at the Winter Olympic Games of our athletes which inspire by the achievements the beginning skiers, and it can be connected with simplicity and availability of skiing. And how to have a good time in the forest in serene winter day, to go skiing, breathe fresh air and to enjoy lovely snow sceneries.


1. Probably, the most impressive type of movement on skis – skating stride. The skier moving the fad something reminds the flying bird, its movements seem lungs, and the speed which it can develop is comparable with the car speed. To learn to go the fad, it is necessary to watch closely the movement of the ankle joint concerning the body, position of hips and ski sticks. All your body at the movement by the fad has to be ahead of legs, and sticks are used not only for the push, but also to catch you, to give the emphasis and not to allow to fall face forward.

2. Now reach the home position. Connect back parts of skis together, and part socks in the parties. The corner between skis shouldn't be more than sixty degrees, otherwise it will be too difficult and inconvenient to move to you.

3. The skating stride basis on skis – the correct push. Effectively made push allows to move on skis by inertia long enough that will allow muscles of your body to have a rest a little.

4. For the correct push put sticks a little forward, but it isn't too far, and make a start them from snow. Along with it it is necessary to make the push-legged. The correct push is carried out by foot, but not the ski tip. In order that will make a start the leg, transfer body weight to one leg, at the same time doing the push by foot of other leg. At the same time it is necessary to translate the case a little forward to keep balance. Sticks after the push need to be pressed the bases to elbows that they didn't obstruct the traffic and didn't disturb.

5. After the good push you will move by inertia several seconds and as soon as you feel that you lose speed, make one more push, but already other leg. The more pushes you do, the quicker move.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team