How to learn to hold for a long time the breath

How to learn to hold for a long time the breath

The ability for a long time to hold the breath can be useful not only to the swimmer or the diver, but also the ordinary person in life, on vacation or in emergency situation and also to strengthen health. There is the set of exercises and councils for techniques of breath holding. Let's consider the simplest and available.

1. First of all take care of safety measures. Experimenting with breath, you can run into unpleasant surprises, such as heart troubles or loss of consciousness. With you there has to be nearby the person who will give you first aid.

2. Get rid of excess weight. Kilogrammchiki greedy want our oxygen which we try to save in the conditions of breath holding. The less you weigh, the simpler to you to continue trainings.

3. Relax. The you make less movements, the it is more than energy and oxygen remains at you, the discomfort during the delay time is less.

4. Calm down. Rest and the meditative state slow down heartbeat and do the oxygen consumption to more rational. Try to distract from cogitative chewing gum and as much as possible to exempt the mind from its habitual work.

5. Train. You hold the training on breath holding on the land and in water. Make it the integral part of your life. Just hold the breath don't reach the limit yet. Gradually increase the result.

6. Increase the capacity of your lungs. Use special exercise machines, play wind instruments or inflate balloons.

7. Practice yoga. This most ancient doctrine comprises excellent breathing exercises which it will be useful for you to master.

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