How to learn to jump in height

How to learn to jump in height

In such sports as basketball, volleyball and many others, the ability to jump high if doesn't guarantee the victory, then gives considerable advantage to the athlete. To learn to jump high, use the number of simple exercises.


1. Sural mytssha are responsible for height of the jump, therefore, it is necessary to develop their force. Two main exercises which are responsible for their development — rises with the post on socks and alternate rises on socks on one leg. For performance of rises with the post put before yourself the stable platform fifteen-twenty centimeters high then put the post to yourself on shoulders and carry out fast rises on socks. For alternate study get up on one leg, and take weighting in the hand. Get up the sock of one leg on the eminence, and sharply rise. Both of these exercises need to be performed with the speed, maximum for you.

2. Carry out jumps on the place on halfbent and straight legs. Get up directly, legs precisely shoulder width apart. For performance of jumps on halfbent legs slightly sit down then make jumps on the place, unbending legs and landing on halfbent legs. Jumps on straight legs are carried out with a force of one gastrocnemius muscles, without squats and the help by hands. You can also jump up on the place, trying to improve in each jump knees to the breast so close as far as it is possible.

3. Establish the small steady eminence thirty-forty centimeters high over the level of the floor and train in the zaprygivaniye on it. Help yourself hands if it is necessary. Use the "fragmentary" rhythm — within the minute jump in the normal rhythm then within fifteen-twenty seconds jump with the speed, maximum for you, and then again with the normal speed.

4. Practise in leaping of the eminence established when performing the previous exercise. The jump has to be carried out from the place. As well as in the previous exercise, you can help yourself hands.

5. Jump with the jump rope. It will increase not only the speed of the jump, but also your endurance, ability to make big jumps for a long time. Place emphasis on exercise performance speed.

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