How to learn to jump in length

How to learn to jump in length

Long jumps – one of difficult disciplines of track and field athletics. To learn, it is necessary to train competently and persistently. It is also important to observe some practical recommendations which will help you to learn to jump further all.

  • - sportswear;
  • - light sneakers.

1. Run cross-countries. In any kind of track and field athletics the initial cross preparation, without it just is important in any way. You won't be able to carry out the large volume of work at the training if the endurance is weak. Take for the rule to run on 5-8 km at least every other day. Consult to the coach when and how many it is better to run.

2. Run sprint pieces, training at stadium. Make small warm-up, put on shipovka and work sprint. In long jumps important not only to have good breath, but also to accelerate with explosive pace. Run 8 pieces on 60-100 meters and mark temporary indicators. Constantly improve them. It is very important for the excellent jump!

3. Jump on the place during warm-up. There are special sets of exercises for the warming up of the trunk and the musculoskeletal system. You have to carry out all this fully! Still it is important to make about 50-100 high bounces on the place to knead foot and to prepare it for work at the training.

4. Do the extension every day. Besides running and special preparation each athlete needs to have excellent flexibility. Without it you won't be able far to jump. It concerns all sports. Give to extensions of 15-30 minutes in day. The most important - pull the back and legs. You can do it both standing, and lying.

5. Practice to jump. Long jumps are made in the hole with sand before which at some distance there is the wooden plate. From it the push by legs is also made. You need to develop feeling of the distance precisely to make a start and land. All this can be reached only during practice of jumps.

6. Keep track of results. Far to jump, after all, it is important to monitor the advance always. Try every month or even week to increase jump distance by 1-2 cm. It will constantly bring closer you to new heights. Only this way you learn to jump perfectly in length.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team