How to learn to own the sword

How to learn to own the sword

Since ancient times in Japan the skill of possession of the sword was considered as one of the most important. Qatana, or the samurai sword, was more, than just the symbol. It was deadly weapon in hands of the trained Samurai. How in modern conditions to learn to own the sword?


1. Train with bokkeny, the wooden ball at the beginning. Don't touch the real weapon until the mentor isn't confident in you. Undertake the end of the handle of the bokken the left hand. Squeeze it strong small and anonymous fingers.

2. Touch with the long finger the handle. Track also that index and big fingers freely could move. Don't enslave them.

3. Undertake the right hand the top part of the handle of the bokken if on it there is no handguard. Leave space in the hand finger between the fist and the handle. Make so that index fingers and the wrist were parallel each other. Leave between hands distance in wrist width.

4. Keep bokken from 15 to 20 minutes, without switching grips. It is necessary in order that it is good to experience technology of capture and to train fingers.

5. Turn at the same time wrists inside, kind of wringing out the wet rag. Then return hands to the first position on the sword. Both palms of hands have to appear in the top part of the bokken at the end of this movement. Perform this exercise on 100 times a day. It will help to increase force of brushes and the forearm and also will accustom to work with the sword.

6. Put legs together and turn the left leg by 30 degrees. Carry out the right leg forward until the right heel and fingers of the left leg not to be leveled. Bend legs in knees and move weight on socks of legs.

7. Nestle on the floor surface toes. It will allow to make angular movements and to rotate quickly. All this can be done much quicker, than in the fighting direction where.

8. You learn to make the pricking and cutting kicks by the wooden sword under the leadership of the experienced instructor. Don't forget to work daily on position of arm, legs and cases. As often as possible exercise wrists, the ways stated above. At observance of these recommendations you learn to work through certain time and the real sword. Approach this question very gradually!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team