How to learn to play volleyball

How to learn to play volleyball

The volleyball is one of the most popular team games with the ball. To learn to play volleyball not so difficult. The main thing is to study the basic rules and to practise a little. Usually beginning players study the general rules, and all the rest is learned by them directly on the volleyball field.


1. The volleyball is beach and classical. In classical volleyball can play in team up to 12 people. In beach volleyball play two.

2. The classical volleyball is in turn subdivided on: - Mini-volleyball (children up to 14 years play); - Pioneerball (it is allowed to pick up the ball); - Actually, volleyball (with the goal net); - Kertnbol (instead of the goal net, continuous opaque fabric is tense); - Fistball (instead of the goal net the rope is tense).

3. The upper edge of the goal net is usually established at the height of 2.43 m (it for men) or 2.24 m (for women). The round ball, monophonic or light color or combined. Diameter of the ball – 65-67 cm, weight – 260-280 gr. Classical uniform of the volleyball player: the shirt with shorts, socks, sports shoes.

4. The ball is sent by kick of the hand through the goal net so that it hit to any place of the platform of the opponent. The ball thrown because of the goal net needs to be transported back, without allowing its falling on the party of the field of play. Each team has only three contacts of the ball for that time while it is on the side of any given team. Possibly also the fourth contact of the ball at the block.

5. The game at the suggestion of the ball which is alternately thrown on the one side of the platform on another till that time begins, won't fall in the field or out of its limits yet, or to the fouling of one of teams. One such period of the playing time from the whistle to the whistle is called draw.

6. The point is received by the team which won draw. In modern volleyball at most five parties for the game, on 25 points everyone are played. If draw was won by the team taking the ball, it acquires the point and the right of cross, and all her players pass clockwise to one position. By the way, by old rules count in each party was kept up to 15 points. At the same time transition of cross for the point wasn't considered.

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