How to learn to run 3 km

How to learn to run 3 km

It is possible not to be able to run, but everyone here can learn. There are exceptions connected with the injuries or mutilations not compatible to occupations run, but in all other cases it is possible to learn to run quickly and on big distances. Run gives good load of heart, having run several kilometers, you can easily estimate the state of health and physical training.

It is required to you

  • - sportswear
  • - sneakers
  • - player


1. To learn to run long distances, for example, on 3 km, it is necessary just to be engaged in it. Regularly run - it is the way to success. Begin with small: just run so much how many breath and endurance allows at quiet pace. Usually unprepared person can't sustain more than 1 km. Every day run slightly more though on 100 m. And after a while the objective will be achieved.

2. When you run, the most important - even breathing. Don't begin with fast pace. Run slowly, but so that breath didn't get off. At first it won't turn out, but after several trainings you will be able to run, and your breath won't get off. Accelerate if you want it, at the end of the distance.

3. Run in the company – not the best idea. You can think that in the company will be more cheerful, but in fact, to talk during run all the same it won't turn out, and here to catch up with someone – pleasure not from pleasant, and for certain so it also will leave. Therefore train alone.

4. Run in convenient time. It is considered that it is necessary to run in the morning, but such mode suits not everyone. People differently react to earlier time of day and if someone since morning feels in himself enough forces, then others will prefer quiet jog in the late afternoon.

5. You aren't lazy. The first few days you will keep on enthusiasm, but over time it will begin to die away. Remember that the first missed jog – the way to the run termination. So you won't achieve result, don't learn to run even on 3 km.

6. Set off achievements. Every day run slightly further and you are proud of yourself. It very much stimulates on further results.

7. It isn't obligatory to run every day, but it is necessary to train regularly. The best: 2-3 times a week. So your muscles, on the one hand, will get used to loading, with another, will manage to be recovered for day of rest.

8. It is better to run down the street, but not on the training hall. Get the player, create to yourself the good playlist. From time to time update it, including new music. Change of the landscape, seasons and counter people and music won't allow you to miss during jog.

9. Pick up comfortable clothes for run. If you feel discomfort because of footwear or any subject of sportswear, buy another. To you has to be conveniently and train pleasantly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team