How to learn to run quickly

Fast run allows to increase the number of the spent calories considerably. With increase in speed by only one kilometer per hour, power consumption increases approximately by 40 kilocalories for half an hour. Besides, fast run gives unforgettable feeling of flight above the ground even if this flight lasts only a second, from one step to another.

It is required to you

  • - running sneakers;
  • - mirror;
  • - bench;
  • - easy post or dumbbells.


1. If you decided to learn to run quickly, you need to carry out audit of the running footwear. The quicker run, the big impact load are experienced by your joints. Now you have to use only special running sneakers, with the good instep support and air chambers under the heel and the sock. Except this running sneakers have the special defense for the sock that is very relevant at cross run.

2. Don't try to increase run speed, extending the step. It will lead to the fact that you will move jumps. It increases the expense of calories, but doesn't promote fast run at all.

3. Quickly to run, it is necessary to increase push force. For this purpose perform hopping exercises, such as zaprygivaniye on the bench at the same time two legs or the zaprygivaniye on the bench with change of legs. The main requirement - exercise has to be performed at fast pace, without delays on the bench or on the earth.

4. Vyprygivaniya with burdening also help to increase the jog force of legs. Take the easy post or dumbbells. Put the post on the back around the seventh cervical vertebra, press dumbbells to shoulders. Slowly squat to the full squat. Then sharply jump out most highly. Try that legs surely came off the earth at the same time. Along with the jump it is possible to throw out dumbbells on the straightened hands up. Up don't lift the post.

5. The proper technique of run is of very great importance. For this purpose perform such exercises as run with high lifting of the hip and run with zakhlesty shins. Both exercises are performed at the high speed and with the maximum range. Try to reach practically knees the breast, and heels to buttocks. Run not less than 60 meters, performing both exercises, and alternate them to run at quiet pace.

6. Fast run is impossible without good work of hands. If it is wrong to work hands, the body during run will be shaken, limiting the general progress.

7. Get up in front of the mirror. Relax shoulders. Bend hands in elbows at right angle. Actively work hands, imitating their movement during run. Control that the line of shoulders remained motionless. The bend corner in elbow joints shouldn't change. Try to obtain that during active work of hands the case wasn't deployed after the hand. Only shoulder joints have to work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team