How to learn to run quickly on skis

How to learn to run quickly on skis

Cross-country skiing – one of the heaviest cyclic sports. It is necessary not only put the proper technique of driving, but also to develop physical qualities on the constant basis. It should be taken into accountIt should be taken into account also other important details.


1. Learn to hold balance. As soon as you came to the track, fasten boots to bindings of skis and try to get up in all growth, leaning only on one stick. You learn to stand and ski with somebody else. You ask you to support if aren't sure of the forces yet. Subsequently you learn everything.

2. Study in practice all features of the course on skis. For a start to you will enough to learn go the classical course which is carried out on the allocated ski track. It is applicable for increase in speed on the flat area. You just also need to master it. So, begin the movement with the left leg. You will expose the right stick forward and give the movement to skis, having made a start from the earth. Then, similarly, make the same movement the right leg and the left stick.

3. Move thus on the ski track until these movements become habitual, and you won't carry out them on an automatic pilot. Try to hold the back a little bent. When you begin to go with the mountain, incline it even stronger and bend legs in knees. It will give the maximum acceleration to the movement. On the plain you can just make a start hands, and legs not to move at all. This technique will allow to strengthen muscles of hands, shoulders and the back which are very important for fast ski race.

4. You learn to go also skating. This look is technically more difficult classical. But if desired you will master also it in short terms. So, consider that at this course all parts of the body work: trunk, hands, legs. Pick up the small height. You need to climb up it, having crossed skis the corner back.

5. Make the movement the left leg aside, having made a start the left stick. Then move weight on the right leg and execute the similar movement by the right stick. Move thus, serially making a start sticks and rearranging legs.

6. Pay much attention cross and overall physical conditioning. Train every other day, passing so many kilometers how many you are spoken by the mentor. Everything depends on your current preparation and tasks. Be engaged also in the gym, exercising the back, legs, the press, hands and shoulders. All these steps will allow you to run quickly on skis eventually.

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