How to learn to run the fad

How to learn to run the fad

Skating stride on skis presents some difficulties as it is much simpler to go on the knurled ski track for beginners. Nevertheless, it is rather simple to study this technique if constantly to practice.

It is required to you

  • - form;
  • - sticks;
  • - skis;
  • - boots.


1. Pick up correctly skis, sticks and boots for skating stride. Buy all necessary equipment only in specialized shops. Choose couple depending on your experience. If you already skated not one season, then skis which touch the palm of the hand extended up will be suitable for you. Sticks shouldn't exceed chin level. Be convinced also that boots don't dangle in different directions when you latch them in bindings.

2. Learn to cross skis. After acquisition of all necessary equipment practice time has cometime has come. Fix boots. Be trained to technology of skating stride without sticks. So, take the left leg aside, having passed couple of meters. During sliding move in the same way and the right leg. It has to appear a little ahead. Repeat everything at first. Feel the rhythm of the movement. You shouldn't focus great attention on speed at the beginning.

3. Pick up sticks. Now your task is to pass some more hundreds of meters skating, but already making a start sticks. Bend a little forward and begin the movement with the left leg aside. Along with it make a start from the earth the left stick. Then move weight on the right side, having made the movement the right leg and the push the right stick. Overcome in such a way couple of kilometers to experience technology of skating stride.

4. Pay special attention cross and overall physical conditioning. There will be not enough one development of skating stride if you want also to run many kilometers in this way. Train every other day, running 3-5 km. Try to increase the distance according to the recommendations of the mentor and the current tasks. Be engaged also with burdening, exercising muscles of legs, hands and the back.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team