How to learn to sit down in the lotus pose

How to learn to sit down in the lotus pose

"Lotus" or Padmasana – one of the main meditative poses in yoga. For its performance it is necessary to have well opened joints of legs and the fine extension. The ordinary person needs about one – two months for preparation of the body for the lotus pose. For this purpose it is necessary to perform special exercises.


1. Sit down on the floor, extend the right leg, and left put the sock on the hip. On the breath press the left palm on the knee, directing it to the floor. If you hold with the right hand fingers of the left leg, then will influence at the same time and the ankle what to be useful to you further for more comfortable stay in the lotus pose. Perform exercise on the right leg.

2. Sit down on buttocks, place heels along hips, having directed knees forward. On the breath lean back back and lean the elbows on forearms. If such situation comes to you easily, then continue to fall by the floor. Keep the level, convenient for yourself within 1.5 minutes. Then carefully rise over the floor. With the exhalation incline the case forward, put the head on the floor and have a rest.

3. Sit down, having connected feet among themselves, lower knees to the floor. With the exhalation bend forward, extend hands before yourself and lower palms on the floor. Try to relax, so you will be able to stretch the case most low and completely will open joints of hips. Carry out the extension 2 minutes. On the breath slowly begin to become straight.

4. Continue to sit in the previous pose. Raise the right shin over the floor and put it on left. With the exhalation fall the case to the floor and relax. In 3 minutes on the breath become straight and trade legs places. Repeat exercise.

5. Now, when, you well stretched legs and opened joints, it is possible to start performance of the pose of the lotus. Sit down directly, extend legs before yourself. Bend the right knee and the sock put on the hip of the left leg. Bend the second knee, undertake the sock and pull it on yourself, trying to hold on to the right hip. Perhaps, the first few days these manipulations will trouble you, and you will do many movements through pain. But you will soon notice that each time your body receives the provision of the lotus easier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team