How to learn to somersault: we get rid of fear

How to learn to somersault: we get rid of fear

In the childhood many experienced difficulty with performance of such at first sight simple exercise as the forward somersault. This element is really rather simple if the nobility how correctly to learn to do it. It will be able to become good exercise in morning warm-up and will be useful both to children, and adults.


1. Begin trainings with the warming up. This general rule by which in the work both professional athletes, and visitors of occupations in fitness clubs, and dancers, and ballet dancers, and many others are guided. In this regard there is the large number of various warm-up complexes among which you can choose suitable. Be not overzealous: it is enough to use one of them and to precisely follow the instructions specified in it including temporary.

2. Pick up the following set of exercises allowing to develop those muscles which will be required for performance of the forward somersault. These are, first of all, muscles of the shoulder girdle. For their development it is good to learn to carry out the handstand or to be trained with dumbbells as which bottles with water also sometimes serve. Carefully warm up the back and check its flexibility: for this purpose get up on the bridge.

3. Start performance of the element: for this purpose lay the mat or other soft surface. Check that it was reliably fixed: in the childhood many began to be afraid of somersaults just because mats moved and crept.

4. Squat and put hands before yourself, transfer to them body weight. Make a start legs from the floor and straighten them, having at the same time bent hands. Moving forward, touch by the mat head (the nape has to become the common ground), and then – shovels (press knees to the breast). Inertia of the push has to be enough for that after contact with shovels you continued to move forward, be not rolled on the tailbone yet and again you won't receive the emphasis sitting.

5. Try various force of the push, you won't find optimum for performance of somersaults yet. After several repetitions the body itself will remember the optimal variant and you shouldn't control this parameter. Having mastered the element, you pass to the following: learn to carry out several somersaults without stopping.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team