How to learn to stretch out in house conditions

How to learn to stretch out in house conditions

To stretch out in house conditions, you need only the floor and the number of simple exercises which are easy for mastering irrespective of age. People of advanced age can stretch out in two months, more young people can master this technique much earlier.


1. For a start it is necessary to warm muscles - otherwise it is possible to get the muscle strain. Even the heat bath can warm muscles, but is better most warm up muscles of legs. After the warming up it is possible to start exercises.

2. The very first and main exercise helping to stretch out is leg swings. It becomes simply. Get up on one leg so that all body weight fell on it. Raise the second leg on the maximum height on what you will be able only. Nothing terrible if the leg still above the belt doesn't rise, over time it will change. Further change legs and do swings at straight legs and the direct back.

3. Now we will be engaged in the second exercise to stretch out in house conditions. Put the leg on the table or on other any surface which will be level with the belt, and do bendings to the floor. Then change legs. If at once such exercise is impossible and it will be sick – you shouldn't worry, the most important – regularity of occupations will turn out next time, here.

4. Further we will start the third exercise which will help you to stretch out at home. Actually, try to stretch out as far as it will be possible before developing of pain. To try to sit down it is possible also on cross, and on the forward split.

5. It is necessary to do these exercises every other day thirty minutes. After two weeks of trainings the result which will help to achieve to you the objective – to stretch out in house conditions will be already visible to you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team