How to learn wrestling

How to learn wrestling

The best decision on the matter will be to register, of course, in section of wrestling or the mixed fight, but if you seriously decided to be engaged in this type of fight independently, then not just roll up the sleeves, and pull out them better.


1. Understand wrestling philosophy. Each type of fight has the philosophy, and you will be able to gather it at experienced fighters, coaches. If you have such acquaintances, it is excellent, ask them for the help. If there are no such people in your circle of acquaintances, then address for explanation the coach on the mixed fight as this look is the closest to wrestling.

2. Register in gym – you need to build up muscle bulk and to increase force as it will be simply necessary for you when performing divings. For improvement of efficiency of your trainings, and your purpose to gain weight and to become stronger, consult to the instructor and also to your doctor, about whether it is possible and as it is better to apply additives like proteins or creatines.

3. Buy or independently make pear for the beating at home. Read recommendations about the technique to setting of fists, how it is correct to distribute the weight at striking blows that they were the strongest and effective. Daily work different types of kicks, such as Jeb (the direct strike the hand, closest to the opponent), Hook (side kick), the uppercut (kick from below) and others.

4. Be engaged in the extension and flexibility. It is optional to become superplastic or to be able to stretch out, but the certain level of flexibility and the extension will be necessary for you. It will reduce getting injured probability and also will allow you to carry out any given divings with bigger ease.

5. Buy or download fights of wrestlers on the Internet. You watch this video in terms of the analysis of fight, movements of fighters. Attentively observe what kicks and divings are used by fighters as they distribute the weight during kick. At the same time don't lose sight of defensive actions of fighters – as they block kicks as leave them and as counterattack the opponent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team