How to leave off smoking and to recover

How to leave off smoking and to recover

Most of smokers are afraid to leave off smoking as they are afraid to grow fat. It is easy to avoid the set of weight after refusal of nicotine if to introduce several rules in the life.

It is required to you

  • - calorie chart of products;
  • - subscription in the gym hall.


1. Not to grow fat after throwing to smoke, it is necessary to follow several rules. Their accurate observance will help not only not to gain excess weight, but also to get rid of couple of extra kilos. Muscular pamyatneobkhodimo it is accurate to understand, during smoking not only respiratory organs, but also hands are involved. The smoking person at the slightest nervousness occupies hands with the cigarette, even without giving himself in it the report. So the muscle memory works. It means that to smoke process of throwing consists not only in refusal of inhalation of poisonous smoke, but also in replacement of the habit to hold the cigarette in hand, to bring it to lips and so on. It is the simplest these habits something to replace – for example, to occupy hands with beads during the attack of desire to smoke.

2. The feeling to the golodaposla of refusal of smoking excess weight is gained so far as the person begins all the time to chew something. It is easy to avoid it if to understand that the feeling of hunger is very similar to feeling of nicotinic starvation. If having stopped smoking, all of you feel time hungry – don't increase amount of the eaten food, and change its structure in favor of low-calorie vegetable products better.

3. The sport set of weight occurs also because during smoking in day you spent for one and a half hundred kilocalories more, than after refusal of the deadly habit. You referee: even without attacks of uncontrollable chewing peculiar to the people who are leaving off smoking the excess 150 kilocalories give the increase in weight about 2 kilograms in three months. These are 6 kg a year. The conclusion is simple: burn these one and a half hundred kilocalories in the gym or otherwise. At least move more! The it is more that after refusal of smoking and the termination of oxygen starvation of all organism, energy for this purpose will appear more than enough.

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