How to level the press

How to level the press

Since antiquity the beautiful torso with equal cubes of the press was the standard of male beauty. The ideal waistline is the cherished dream of each girl on which performance they are ready not to regret neither forces, nor money. Treasured desires to perfect muscles of the press unite practically all men and women of the world. The flat stomach is the certain key to social success and love victories today.


1. How many years exist this standard, there lives also the technique of work with belly muscles so much. It is necessary to specify that it is rather long process which can take several months. Working on this group of muscles, it is necessary to follow several principles: - To begin the training with work on the press and to direct to these exercises at most of efforts; - To perform exercises on alignment of the press at least two times a week, but at the same time to consider intensity of trainings: the more often exercises are performed, the less there has to be load of muscles; - Loading has to be evenly distributed on each group of muscles.

2. In each person the genetic code predetermines the size of all parts of the body and bodies therefore not to everyone it is allowed to make the press ideally equal. But beautiful muscles in the form of six cubes are too the pride subject of which not each man can brag. As for the women's waist, she anyway will benefit from trainings as for appearance the women's tummy the absence on it is enough fat deposits, and they can be moved away only by means of trainings too. Exercises which can be carried out are identical both to men, and to women.

3. For the training of the top group of muscles of the stomach carry out raising of the trunk at strongly bent legs.

4. To swing the lower part of the press, it is necessary to raise the straightened legs from the prone position and also to hold the legs raised at an angle within several minutes.

5. For appearance the press it is necessary to develop oblique muscles also. It becomes by means of trunk turning and also by means of bendings aside.

6. There is quite a lot of exercises for formation of the press. But even the professional bodybuilder won't be able to capture them completely therefore there is the sense to stop on main types. Leg raise can be carried out in three basic provisions: - In the prone position; - in the prone position on the bench which is under bending; - In trailing situation on the horizontal bar.

7. Performance of exercises on raising of the trunk can be carried out by means of the Swiss ball: - Pripodnimaniye of the torso on the ball; - Combination of the pripodnimaniye of the torso on the ball with the weight raising; The same group includes exercises on twisting of muscles of the stomach when in the back-lying position, the athlete tears off from the floor only shoulders.

8. Bendings can be carried out aside sitting, combining them at the same time with weight lifting. It is possible to carry out pripodnimany trunks with bending in the prone position on the inclined bench. One more option: sitting on the floor, to straighten the back and to turn serially in the opposite directions with dumbbells in hands.

9. Carrying out all set of exercises at least two times a week, the first notable results can achieve in 6-8 weeks.

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