How to lose weight after 50 years

How to lose weight after 50 years

Than weight loss in 50 differs from weight loss, let us assume, in 25 or 30? It appears, there is one feature. The fact is that with age, approximately after 30 years, the metabolism begins to slow down. Therefore to keep shape, it is necessary to reduce the general caloric content of the day diet gradually. Reduction small - about 50 calories each 5 years, however after 50 years the general deficiency will be already 200 calories.

On average the day caloric content of the diet of the woman - 2000 kcal. Therefore, after 50 years this indicator will be equal to 1800 kcal - the diet not so poor, but moderate.

Diet after 50

To lose weight with advantage for health, it is necessary to eat variously and in a balanced way, receiving all necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Will be to exclude white loaf and pastries, fried enough, fast food and also to pass to fractional food (5-6 small portions of food a day every 3 hour) to lose weight by 5 and more kilograms in 2 months. Well and classical council of nutritionists - the dinner not later than 2-3 hours to the dream.

Physical activity

Exercise stresses are necessary, but moderate and feasible. To it pedestrian walking at fast pace, driving the bicycle, swimming including special exercises in water - the aquatrenning belong. Such type of activity as the Scandinavian walking is very effective for weight loss and the general strengthening of health. It is also possible to perform simple obshcheupreplyayushchy exercises from physical therapy. Besides, to make the body flexible, harmonious and healthy the yoga perfectly helps.

What fitness is useful after 50

These types of physical activity will be suitable for women after 50 years, they will allow to remain for many years harmonious and tightened.

Swimming and water aerobics

The water aerobics is the set of exercises which are carried out directly in water. Usually are engaged in water aerobics to the sound of music. This type of physical activity not only is useful to cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems, but also uchuchshat the metabolism and raises the general tone of the organism.


Unique ancient technique extremely popular around the world. Occupations yoga improve flexibility, the condition of joints, strengthen bones and the backbone, develop the muscular corset. By means of exercises of yoga (asan) it is possible to overcome many serious illnesses, including asthma, hernias nuclei pulposi, varicosity, obesity and so on.


The kind of fitness including exercises for development of flexibility and mobility. Smooth exercises of Pilates are combined with the special respiratory system - excess weight as a result leaves, muscles get stronger, exchange processes amplify, dorsodynias considerably decrease and the bearing improves.

Scandinavian walking

Became very popular recently - and with an ulterior motive. The Scandinavian walking forms the muscular corset around the backbone, helps to raise considerably the tone of the organism and is very effective for weight loss.

How often to be engaged? Ideally - 4-5 times a week. Training duration - from 30 to 40 minutes. By the way, if to combine the moderate diet with trainings, then extra kilos will leave one and a half times more.

It is possible to lose weight after 50 and it is necessary!

Unfortunately, extra kilos are not only esthetic problem, but also serious harm to health. What is excess weight dangerous by?

  • Work of the cardiovascular system worsens, blood circulation is broken.
  • Intra belly pressure increases.
  • Bones and joints become weak.
  • The risk of development of the general atherosclerosis increases.
  • Repeatedly the risk of the stroke increases.
  • The risk of diseases of the liver and gall bladder increases.
  • There can be varicosity.
  • Breath is at a loss.
  • Level of sugar and cholesterol increases.

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