How to lose weight after the delivery in house conditions

How to lose weight after the delivery in house conditions

To return to the form after the delivery it is difficult, especially if the woman nurses the child. Global hormonal reorganization, fatigue, decrease in immunity against the background of pregnancy, the shortage of vitamins, minerals and minerals are main reasons for which diets are contraindicated to young mothers. To lose weight after the delivery, it is necessary to balance the diet and to consider some more rules.

The excess weight formed after pregnancy appears for a number of reasons. It is, of course, the inactive lifestyle during incubation of the kid, genetic predisposition to completeness, the liquid delay in the organism. For achievement of the best result after the delivery mothers should fight against unnecessary kilograms in a complex, considering all factors promoting the set of weight.

Healthy nutrition after the delivery

Nutritionists recommend to begin to fight against excess weight after the delivery at once, without postponing the problem for months and even the years ahead. Hated kilograms easily are replenished therefore young mother should grow thin not on 3-4 kg any more, and on everything 10. Together with growth of weight also the metabolic disorder will be observed that leads to obesity and serious illnesses.

The feeding mothers shouldn't experiment with any diets. Even if after the delivery the woman doesn't nurse, it is impossible to test the organism the express techniques promising fast loss of weight. Also dietary supplements, teas for weight loss and other risky means are contraindicated. The best exit after the delivery for weight loss – adjustment of the correct food allowance. The organism of the nursing mother has to receive all necessary useful substances from products of animal and plant origin. To increase diet caloric content at the lactation there is no need, the child will receive the components, necessary for its growth and development, with milk. To lose weight, it is necessary to eat after the delivery small portions, but it is frequent. It is desirable to eat food according to the schedule, doing the most energetically valuable the breakfast. The balanced food, absence in the menu of sweets, flour, fried, smoked and other harmful to mother and the baby of products will help to lose weight.

Restoration of the figure in house conditions

As a rule, young mothers have no opportunity to visit the gym or to be engaged with the fitness instructor individually. But also in house conditions it is possible to ensure the due exercise stress. The physical activity – one more key to symmetry. After the delivery the kid will need to walk more to strengthen immunity. Mother can also use this time with advantage. In the fresh air, when the baby will fall asleep, you shouldn't sit on the shop and to read magazines. Move more, squat on the place, run about around the carriage. You present necessary loading to the organism, having armed with the baby sling or the backpack carrying when the child begins to sit. To lose weight, alternate the fast pace and walking at quiet pace. Allocate time for morning exercises, it is possible to carry out it together with the kid or even during cleaning on the house. Don't use the mop and try to make more bendings. It will help to put the tummy and hips in order. To begin to practice exercises on the press or torsion of the hoop it is better 4-6 months later after the delivery. In house conditions practically in one or two months after the birth of the kid it is possible to begin to practice Pilates, yoga. It is possible to look at sets of exercises on the Internet, trainings have to be generally directed to hips and the stomach. After the delivery these places are the most problem. It is also worth receiving polyvitaminic complexes for the feeding mothers quicker to restore immunity, to receive the cheerfulness charge. It is necessary to drink a lot of liquid for weight loss of the house, it will allow to remove toxins at weight loss.

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