How to lose weight at the training

How to lose weight at the training

Sports exercises, power trainings and aerobic occupations promote weight loss, to be exact, to reduction of fat stocks of the organism. But sometimes the long hours spent in the gym or at stadium don't result in the necessary result. It means that the person violates certain rules of weight loss.


1. Often weight loss is perceived as reduction of body weight. Choosing sports trainings for achievement of the purpose, many people don't consider that at occupations physical exercises muscles which weigh more fat inevitably increase, and as a result of the indication on scales stand still or decrease very slowly. Therefore the first rule for those who want to lose weight – you shouldn't be guided by scales. Measure volumes of the body better or estimate rates of weight loss on appearance. Be not afraid that the gained muscle bulk on volumes will replace all fat – it can occur, only if you receive protein cocktails and specially do bodybuilding.

2. More effectively to grow thin at trainings, it is necessary the most part of time to take away on aerobic loadings is occupations at fast pace at which the frequency of serdtsebiyeniye increases. In that case the first several minutes the organism take energy from the glucose which is contained in blood then gradually passes to the lipolysis. It is necessary to move at the same time at moderate pace not to choke – in that case to muscles enough oxygen will arrive. It is possible to be engaged in run, aerobics, skiing, fast walking.

3. You allocate the smaller part of the training for power exercises. In spite of the fact that directly in the course of the power training fat isn't burned, such occupations promote weight loss too. Muscle bulk increases and at rest demands big expenses of calories that at the same diet leads to weight loss.

4. Be engaged regularly and long enough, otherwise the organism won't begin reorganization of the metabolism and won't split fatty tissue. At rare and too difficult and furthermore at light and short trainings, on the contrary, fat storage process begins. That at the minimum of time to profit at most for weight loss, try interval trainings. Alternate types of activity: one and a half minutes of push-ups, then two minutes of running on the spot that muscles weren't tired of monotonous loading.

5. Remember that the correct weight loss shouldn't take place too quickly. It isn't necessary to lose more, than two-three kilograms in the month. Such weight loss is much more effective, the result will be fixed for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team