How to lose weight, but at the same time there is everything

How to lose weight, but at the same time there is everything

Modern statistics claims that more than 70% of people have problems with excess weight. And most of these people dreams to lose weight. But for some reason not all grow thin. The main brake on the way to the slim figure is the elementary unwillingness to limit itself in food. In a word, many are simply not capable to go on the diet. However the opportunity to lose weight and thus is everything – exists.


1. Accurately define vital rhythms of your organism and its requirement. Just within several days write down time of all meals and having a snack. It will allow you to understand in what time you hunger. You will understand how many times a day you need to eat and in what volume.

2. Plan meals so that you weren't disturbed by feeling of hunger. Make the accurate schedule of meals. Adhere to the made schedule. You shouldn't out of the planned meals is any nutlets, pies and rolls. Any having a snack "for the company" and "on the road". During meals eat that you want. This stage is necessary to accustom itself to the accurate mode. Gradually you will feel that the need for having a snack decreases.

3. But you can not limit yourself in drink. Only don't forget that the majority of carbonated drinks and fruit juice contain a lot of sugar and very kaloriyna.

4. Now you have to shift the diet to tie it to the sleep pattern. The last meal has to be at least in three hours prior to withdrawal for sleeping. If at first it is heavy to maintain the pause to you, drink water, juice, low-fat kefir.

5. When you get used to the new diet, it is necessary to refuse all drinks between meals, except water. The feeling of hunger very often masks under feeling of thirst. Several drinks of water will allow you to hold on the necessary time without food.

6. When the diet ceases to give you the inconvenience and you with ease smezht to keep from various temptations in not put time, begin to reduce portions.

7. Don't reduce the volume of portions from all meals at once. Begin with the lunch. You don't hurry and don't reduce more, than by 10% for once.

8. Use ware of the smaller sizes. Often you eat any more not because are hungry but because you got used not to leave food on the plate.

9. Chew slowly. You don't hurry at meal time. Sense of fulness comes for 10-15 minutes later, than you receive the necessary volume of nutrients. Think how many you will manage to eat until your brain reacts.

10. Reconsider the diet in compliance with the recommendations of nutritionists. It is one breakfast better to eat the food rich with slow carbohydrates: porridges, flakes, small loafs. A little protein won't stir, for example, boiled egg. Such food will slowly burn down, gradually giving energy, and you with ease will hold on to the lunch.

11. The lunch has to be most saturated meal. Both fats, and proteins, and carbohydrates are necessary for you. Don't refuse soups. Liquid food takes enough places in the stomach, and you receive less calories in comparison with firm food of the same volume.

12. At night the organism is engaged in restoration of the spent forces, for this purpose it needs amino acids. The best choice for the dinner - proteinaceous products. It can be chicken breast, sea fish, low-fat cottage cheese. Don't use as the garnish of grain or pasta, excess energy isn't necessary to you now. Eat light vegetable salad better.

13. If you can't resist especially tasty cake or raw smoked sausage sandwich, just increase the expense of calories. Coming back home, come to one stoppage earlier and walk. Refuse the elevator, walking on the ladder – the great way to burn those calories that you received. You have to understand in order that process of weight loss wasn't dragged out, arrival of calories has to be less, than their expense. You want to eat more high-calorie food - lead more mobile life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team