How to lose weight by means of the gymnastic disk

How to lose weight by means of the gymnastic disk

The gymnastic disk is familiar not to one generation of people. The release of this exercise machine began in Soviet period. Then it was impossible to present any gym without health disk. People sacredly believed that this exercise machine will help to find the slender and flexible body.


1. Unfortunately, to throw off the large number of kilograms and to lose weight considerably, using only the gymnastic disk, it won't turn out. In particular, if at steam of excess folds which is engaged on it not just, and obesity of heavy degree. According to the estimates of experts of people weighing from 70 to 90 kilograms at occupations on the health disk in 30 minutes loses about 150-200 kilocalories. For effective weight loss it isn't enough. Therefore that the disk helped to throw off at least couple of kilogram, it is necessary to train till several hours a day, but it is very tiresome and isn't always justified. Experts recommend to include the health disk in the complex of actions for weight loss and to use it as warm-up before the main exercise stresses. In that case trainings on the gymnastic disk will help to work muscles and will make the body slender and tightened.

2. Before beginning trainings with the gymnastic disk, it is necessary to choose for this place. The surface on which the exercise machine will lie has to be linked to the disk reliably. That occupations were safe it is possible to buy the special rubber rug and the problem will decide. The set of exercises on the gymnastic disk not such extensive, but the variety is. Usual twisting of the lower part of the trunk on the disk when both legs densely stand on the exercise machine is basic. Such exercise will help to work oblique muscles of the stomach, influencing problem area of many ladies. When performing it is impossible to do exercises abrupt movements, all occupations should be begun slowly, over time increasing the pace. At sharp turns on the disk it is possible to injure the backbone that is very painful and hazardous to health.

3. Performance of the following exercise requires not only the gymnastic disk, but also the chair with the back. It is necessary to rise two legs on the disk, hands to undertake the chair back. Now it is necessary to rotate accurately the top part of the trunk, at the same time, that hips remained on the place. To repeat 5-10 times. When this exercise is mastered, it can be complicated. For this purpose it is necessary to rise on the disk one leg and, holding the chair back, to carry out turns. At the same time it is very important to keep balance and not to be filled up in the parties. To repeat 5-10 times on each leg.

4. The following exercise is considered one of the most effective. It is necessary to rise two legs on the gymnastic disk, hands to arrange on sides. Then to rotate hips in different directions. Very important that the number of movements in one party corresponded to the number of repetitions in other party. In that case muscles will symmetrically work. The trained people can recommend to practise with dumbbells. In that case when performing exercise the lower body will go to one party, and hands with weighting compounds in another.

5. Main types of exercises which will manage to be executed by means of the gymnastic disk are given above. At regular jobs, healthy nutrition and still some exercise stresses it will turn out to improve and tighten the figure considerably.

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