How to lose weight during self-isolation

How to lose weight during self-isolation

Worldwide announced the quarantine, in such situation it is necessary to stay at home. How not to gather extra kilos?

We stay at home

The whole world blows about the virus. To stop the pandemic, everyone has to stay at home and not go outside without special need. And at home there are a lot of different occupations, but it is the separate subject. The most important fact which is most often forgotten - it is possible to lose weight at any lifestyle. It means that it is optional to work as the builder or the miner where the physical force is involved. To undertake itself never late, and now time for this purpose appeared. It is more than any justifications!


For a long time not the secret to possess the harmonious and tightened figure, it is necessary to keep to the diet. But it is impossible to live all life on the diet without uniform failure. And because of failures the dumped kilograms come back. What exit? Food has to be balanced, and these are fruit, vegetables, meat, vegetable protein and slow carbohydrates. But also ""sweet"" nobody cancelled. Ideally it is better to cook all possible cookies, cakes and cakes independently that will help to control amount of the eaten sugar precisely. 

When at home there is nothing to be engaged, there is always a wish to eat. The decision is to find interesting occupation which will take the whole day. It is obligatory to eat in certain time that will create the mode, the organism will work like clock-work.


Kind of strangely it sounded, but on the quarantine there was the opportunity to sleep off properly. During sleep 1 kcal is spent for 1 kg of weight in 1 hour of the dream. The person weighing 60 kg turns out, for the 8th sentry spends about 480 kcal. And still there is the day dream.


One of important points - physical exercises. Here clear-out, cooking and the full-fledged training enters. To play house sports, only sneakers and comfortable clothes are necessary. It is possible to find the huge number of home video trainings for any level of training in the Internet. It is possible to carry out power or cardio-trainings, and it is possible to practice yoga or Pilates. And it is possible to practice yoga since morning, and after sound day sleep to execute circuit high-interval training.


The organism works in the complex. In order that the organism began to grow thin, there has to be the deficiency of calories. That is it is necessary to spend more, than to consume, considering costs of the dream, digestion of food, etc. In day eobkhodimo to consume not less than 1000 kcal. It is possible to lie on the sofa the whole day and is nothing, but then the organism will have the stress and to eat at the expense of stocks in muscles or at all will begin to accumulate fat for ""rainy day"". Thus it is possible to lose weight, but it will have an adverse effect on the organism and the alimentary system in particular (there is the opportunity to get gastritis or stomach ulcer). 


To lose extra kilos on the quarantine, it is necessary to work in the complex. To sleep well, eat healthy food in small amounts, without overeating. To be engaged in cases which were adjourned long ago and to be the most active. 

Motivation — the key to success!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team