How to lose weight in a stomach and hips

How to lose weight in a stomach and hips

the directions popular today in fitness, it is possible to lose weight in a stomach and hips at home, using all the known simple exercises to which we were taught at school, and even in a garden. Their efficiency is not less expensive modern directions at all. And if to correct the food, then it is possible to achieve excellent results. About everything one after another.

Exercise Bicycle

  • We lay down on a back, on a rigid surface (floor).
  • We enclose hands under hips, palms down.
  • To raise legs over itself by 90 degrees.
  • Also we begin to twist legs as though we twist the bicycle.
  • At first in one party we make 100 times.
  • Then in other party, also we make 100 times.
  • To do this exercise once a day.
  • The stomach will leave within a week, legs will lose weight and will be pumped up in calves and hips.
  • If to do this exercise more than a month, on a stomach muscular cubes appear.
  • The waist begins to appear, skin becomes elastic.

This exercise is much better, more effective and simpler, than to swing a press.

To lose weight in buttocks

To tighten and strengthen muscles of buttocks, exercise Squat approaches.

Pose for exercise:

Hands are extended forward, we place legs at shoulder length, a back direct.

We begin to squat without bending hands and a back, it is necessary to squat not less than 100 times.

In day we do this exercise 2 times, in the morning and in the evening.

In 1 week buttocks and hips will be left by about 1-2 centimeters.

The excellent diet supplements exercises.

Also useful article about a stomach, is on the website

Fractional food:

It is practically possible to eat everything, but in the small portions and 5 times a day, in 2.5-3.5 hours. To refuse sweet, fat and salty. To eat more cabbage as it - a natural zhiroszhigatel. In principle, it is possible to eat everything, but in small quantities.

It is also possible to get special means for weight loss, but not to be fond of them. Such power supply system can be used throughout all life.

One more excellent diet, on it it is possible to grow thin no more than a week.


Buckwheat needs to be wetted in the necessary quantity, to cover with a towel and to put to the cool place for the night.

For the morning to boil, without salt and oil.

It is necessary to eat only buckwheat within a week.

It is possible to have not strong tea, not fat kefir, compotes and fruit drinks.

Minuses: very heavy diet.

Pluses: quickly extra kilos leave. Face skin becomes updated and smooth.

It is obligatory to carry out exercises, otherwise at intensive weight loss skin will become drooped and extensions will appear.

It is very important to keep to a diet and not to break if decided to lose weight on a buckwheat diet, then it is necessary to suffer, and otherwise there will be no result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team