How to lose weight in hips and buttocks

How to lose weight in hips and buttocks

Excess weight looks not esthetically. It is possible to get rid of excessive deposits in hips and buttocks, performing the complex of special exercises. Regular trainings will help to receive the excellent figure and will allow to carry the fitting things.


1. Good impact on weight loss of buttocks is made by squats. Become directly, legs are a little wider than shoulders, put feet in parallel each other and squat. In the course of squat the hip and the shin have to form the right angle. Perform exercise slowly, trying to hold the back of the most equal. Make 30 squats.

2. Leg swings will help to lose weight with hips. Become behind the chair and lean hands against its back. Carry out sideward swings, trying to raise the leg as it is possible above. After 30 repetitions change the leg. To strengthen loading, carry out swings, standing on socks.

3. Turn to the chair sideways, one hand lean on the chair back, put the second on the belt. Carry out upward swings by the leg standing further from the chair. You watch that during instep the back remained equal. Execute 30 swings each leg.

4. Kneel, rest hands against the floor so that hands and hips were parallel each other and formed the right angle with the case. Raise the right leg bent in the knee up so that the hip was located on one line with the back. Carry out the springing pushes the leg up. Make 50 repetitions and change the leg.

5. Same home position, as in the previous step. Tighten the right knee to the breast, and then take away the leg back and up, at the same time straightening it. You watch that the back didn't cave in in the waist. Execute 30 approaches for each leg.

6. Lay down sideways and lean on the left hand. The left leg has to remain the straight line, right slightly bend in the knee. Raise the bent leg up. For strengthening of effect of this exercise for buttocks and hips, lowering the leg don't put it, and hold on weight. Execute 30 rises and change the leg.

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