How to lose weight: mistakes, healthy food, motivation, purposes

How to lose weight: mistakes, healthy food, motivation, purposes

Very many people think of becoming more harmonious and more beautiful presently. But most of them just sit in place and further continue to think of the attractive body. "All will be too busy in any way" at such people. Widespread mistakes and delusions at weight loss which are made by most of those who want to put the figure in order.

Many "decide" to begin to grow thin, but very long think of trifles and different nonsense which allegedly will help them. They for hours and days sit at the computer, watching photos of athletes with the beautiful body, very carefully and captiously choose to themselves the gym hall (to which then won't go), etc. All this takes away the lot of time which can be spent with advantage.

Instead of sitting and just begin to think of what sometime you will begin right now! Get up and just go for the walk. Walking – the great view of activity;

What associations at you with the concept "weight loss"? It is probable that you thought of the rigid diet and run.

It isn't necessary to exhaust itself with strong hunger, to run too much. Abundance of loadings in total with the lack of food – it is bad for your organism and health. The immunity, health worsens, there are injuries and the motivation is lost;

"I have no access to the gym therefore I won't be able to play sports", "I have the bad genetics, I won't be able" and all something like that - nonsense! Everyone can do though something.

So far the person won't set to himself the object and won't begin to go to it instead of groaning, nothing will occur.

There is great variety of ways to load muscles, to begin the movement. It is possible just to fall and begin to be wrung out from the floor. It is possible to rise and start walking, it will be also quite effective.

Go outside and walk 10 km with the speed about 6 km/h.

Many people have the sports body, but at the same time don't go to the hall;

The key role is played by the emotional spirit of the person. If he thinks that at it nothing will turn out, - and will be. If he looks for the set of justifications and all the time aches, then he and will mark time.

Find for yourself the occasion to go to the objective. The main thing – that at you was constant desire.

Visualization of the purposes in sport is very important. You have to represent constantly what you want what you aspire to. Then it will inevitably come to you.

It is important to believe in himself and to follow the correct way. It is important to realize the opportunities correctly;

There is the category of people who go to the gym, is on the way lazy moving on elevators, escalators, minibuses, for hours get stuck in traffic jams. And already on the place rise on the racetrack, having set ridiculous speed, and go so slowly that else manage to thumb through the tape on social networks. Or metatsya up and down, without knowing what to do. Really ridiculously.

It is too much time and money leaves on all this. Is possible instead of this nonsense simply more to move during the day, to force the body and muscles to work hard as much as possible. It will be far more effective;

All this useless waste of time and money;

Only the full-fledged and healthy food allowance will help you to get rid of subcutaneous fat and to achieve good results. And if to speak about maintenance of the athletic figure, then especially;

Many popular video bloggers regain the short-term form, and then everywhere publish the photo, record video and advise people to cut down the food. But it is possible to cut down food in positive and in the negative side. Their recommendations concern the second.

Also it became somehow fashionable to torment itself with heavy loadings. It won't lead you to goals.

Don't believe in these delusions;

It and kick on immunity, and deterioration in health and mood, both energy decline, and possible failures.

Many consider that if they instead of full meal eat the chocolate tile or bar, then nothing for the figure and health harmful will be.

There are curious comparisons of portions of food. For example, the burger eaten by you or chocolate bar equals the good portion of porridge and fruit. Agree, the second also will sate you better, and consciously you have satisfaction from bigger amount of postuplenny food. To tell what so will be much more useful to be eaten – to tell nothing.

There is the set of useful and tasty products. From these products it is possible to cook even more tasty dishes and not to be afraid for health. For example, porridge, buckwheat, avocado, banana, grapefruit, tomato, apple, sweet pepper and many other things;

To drink a lot of water at weight loss – also one of the key moments. With it all slags, all superfluous are removed from the organism.

Take for the habit to drink the glass of water in the mornings. It is extremely important, just drinking the glass of water, you start digestion. You will notice how your health, mood will change;

The person who is constantly counting calories, grams, kilograms and other, usually stands still on the road to the purpose.

All this doesn't cost your attention. You look in the mirror and at the health;

Set to yourself the tasks and carry out them, without listening to the words of people around. They will pull you on the bottom;

If you really see trainings so, then you incorrectly picked up to yourself the occupation. Trainings have to bring pleasure, and you have to have desire to go on them.

Remember, the appearance is the turning aside of soul. Listen to the heart and do what is pleasant to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team