How to lower muscular pain after the training

How to lower muscular pain after the training

Painful feelings in muscles after the qualitative training say that you well worked. But unfortunately, this pain often prevents to continue the course of occupations, averts beginners from sport. Normal such feelings have to pass in one-two days. It is process it is possible to accelerate by means of the simplest means.

Allow the body to have a rest

The most important — high-quality rest. After the good trainings the muscles need time for restoration. While pain is actively shown, avoid the excessive tension of muscles. Ideal frequency of trainings — times in two-three days. This time is enough for healing of microinjuries which receive your muscle fibers during exercise stresses (especially if you the fan of power exercises). To avoid the overstrain, alternate load of different groups of muscles, it will allow them to be restored quicker.

After the serious training glance in the sauna or the bath, heat relaxes muscles, bringing out of them excess of lactic acid which can cause unpleasant feelings. This way is suitable for those who too often are fond at trainings and "exhaust" themselves. During the similar procedures drink enough water to avoid dehydration. If you have no opportunity to reach the similar institution, take the hot shower or get into the bathtub. Warmly quickly expands vessels, restores blood circulation. It relaxes the clamped muscles, removing the pain syndrome.

To kill pain, it is necessary to improve blood circulation

Visit of the sauna can be added with massage. The good massage therapist will remove clips muscles, will lower sensations of pain. If you have no time or finance for visit of the expert, you can make to yourself massage independently hands or the electric massager. Always finish trainings with stretching exercises. It will provide inflow of blood to the most "affected" muscles, will help to relax them that as a result will lower pain. Instead of the complex of such exercises it is possible to do swimming or yoga. If muscular pains after the trainings don't allow you to live, receive anesthetic. From such pains the most plain drugs which are on sale without recipe help. It is possible to try to receive acetaminophen or the ibuprofen. However you shouldn't take too large amount of this medicine as they cause irritation of mucous membranes that can lead to unpleasant consequences. If painful feelings don't pass within the week, it can be symptom of the serious trauma. In this case it is important to see the doctor in the fastest terms to avoid negative consequences. You shouldn't look for councils on the Internet as following to unchecked recommendations can do much harm to your health.

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