How to lower shoulders

How to lower shoulders

Office work, as a rule, is performed without exercise stresses. Continuous sitting at the table and monotonous movements break the bearing and lead to excessive exhaustion of muscles of the back and shoulders. As a result gradually the stoop develops, shoulders rise, and the head is kind of pulled in.


1. The static pose during long time has negative impact on muscles. They have to work with alternation of tension and relaxation. If it doesn't occur, the muscular spasm develops and there is the blood circulation foul. If headaches, numbness and feeling of "crawling of goosebumps" began to disturb you, address in the reflexologist. When you complete several courses of treatment, the muscular spasm will be eliminated, shoulders will fall, the bearing will improve and blood circulation will be restored.

2. However not all are able to afford treatment at the reflexologist, these procedures cost quite much. It is possible to unweight independently the muscles and to restore the bearing. Choose time during the day 10-15 minutes on the set of exercises. It is necessary to carry out such complex at least 3 times a day.

3. After awakening before getting up, tighten the legs bent in knees to the breast and clasp them with hands. Inhale and try to straighten legs, at the same time hands show resistance. Repeat not less than 5 times.

4. Supporting by the left hand the right elbow, intensively mass the right hand the left shoulder within 3 minutes. After that change hands and repeat massage movements.

5. Sit down on the chair, clasp with palms the head behind, having kind of taken it in the lock. Incline the head forward, then cast away back and show resistance hands. Repeat 10 times, each time increasing ducking degree.

6. Sitting on the chair, put the palm on area of the ear. Incline the head towards the shoulder from this party, and the hand show resistance. Hold with other hand the elbow of the "working" hand. Repeat 10 times.

7. Perform these exercises daily on 3 times within several weeks. With their help you will be able to unweight muscles of the shoulder girdle. It is important to hold the elbow of that hand which "works" for resistance, humeral muscles from this party will be weakened. Such alternation of tension and relaxation of muscles will restore their tone, will eliminate the spasm and gradually will help shoulders to return to initial situation.

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