How to make flexible the backbone

How to make flexible the backbone

To support the backbone in the correct position and to make it flexible elastic and strong muscles will help. For this purpose it is necessary to perform the complex of simple exercises daily. When performing exercises the most important is to do it without fanaticism. The back doesn't love abrupt movements and big loadings.


1. Lying on the stomach, raise hands and legs as much as possible up, at the same time you don't hang the head. You do the entrance and, lowering hands and legs on the floor, you carry out the exhalation.

2. You lay down on the back, legs bent in knees, put on width of shoulders, hands arrange on the floor parallel to the trunk. Lift the basin up, without tearing off at the same time shoulders from the floor. Make the breath, be late for three seconds in such situation and, exhaling, return to the first position.

3. Lying on the back, you hold before yourself on the pulled-in hands the dumbbell. Bend hands in elbows, bring them for the head and try to concern them the floor, taking at the same time the breath. Exhale and return to the home position.

4. Get up on the floor. Pick up dumbbells. Part legs in the parties and slightly bend them in knees. Also slightly incline the back forward. Bend hands with dumbbells in elbows at the level of the belt. Taking the breath, straighten hands down, and on the exhalation return them to the home position.

5. Will help to make the backbone flexible swimming. Three times a week visit the pool.

6. In order that your backbone was healthy and you weren't disturbed by dorsodynias, besides performance of the complex of physical exercises, it is necessary to follow the number of rules.

7. Don't strain the backbone. You don't carry weight weighing more than five kilograms. If you need to lift the bag from the floor, then don't do any sharp breakthroughs and bendings of the case. At the raising of weights your back always has to remain direct and weakened.

8. At transfer of heavy things try to distribute weight evenly on both hands. You don't carry the bag on one shoulder or in one hand, shift it in other hand.

9. During the sedentary work don't forget to take the break to unweight the backbone and to relax the back. Execute simple bendings of the back, leg extention and hands and also make light massage of the neck.

10. You don't wear strongly fitting jackets and heavy sheepskin coats because they constrain movements that is harmful to the backbone.

11. You watch amount of salt which you use with products. Whenever possible limit yourself from intake of salty food.

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