How to make Frolov's exercise machine

How to make Frolov's exercise machine

Respiratory techniques promote improvement of the organism and are useful at any age. The corresponding member of the International academy of ecology and environmental management, the Doctor of Philosophy Vladimir Fedorovich Frolov invented the exercise machine endogenous, or cellular, breath. Regular trainings on it help to recover from the number of the hardest diseases (asthma, the hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, the allergy), to get rid of obesity and to rejuvenate the organism.

It is required to you

  • - glass;
  • - cover for the glass;
  • - internal camera;
  • - ground retina of the nozzle;
  • - respiratory tube;
  • - mouthpiece.


1. The respiratory exercise machine invented by V.F. Frolov is issued under the Frolov's Phenomenon brand and "TDI-01" is called. It represents the portable device which consists of the respiratory tube, the mouthpiece, covers for banks and the glass, the glass, the internal camera and the ground mesh nozzle.

2. Pour twelve milliliters of drinking water of room temperature in the glass. Attach the ground mesh nozzle to the internal camera and place in glass with water.

3. Pass the respiratory tube throughout the opening on the cover of the glass and connect it to the internal camera. Close as it is possible more densely the glass the cover. For this purpose move it on the tube down.

4. Insert the free end of the tube into the mouthpiece.

5. If you assembled the respiratory exercise machine of Frolov correctly, then the internal camera with the ground mesh nozzle attached to it will stand on day of the glass densely, without moving up-down.

6. For a start learn to use the respiratory exercise machine correctly. Pick up it or put on the table. Clasp the mouthpiece densely with lips. Make the breath and the fast exhalation through the tube. That air got strictly via the exercise machine, squeeze nose wings fingers of the free hand.

7. Inhale air actively within two-three seconds. The stomach during the breath moves forward. And at once exhale. The stomach at the same time moves to the backbone. Be defined how many seconds can last the exhalation without special tension and feelings, unpleasant for you.

8. Breathe so minutes five. You watch that lips densely clasped the mouthpiece, and air got into lungs only through the exercise machine tube.

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