How to make kick fast

How to make kick fast

The ability to strike the fast blow is the necessary element in training of any fighter. The quicker the blow is struck, the it is less than chances at the opponent to construct high-quality protection. Besides the shot power is directly proportional to the speed of its drawing. Equally carefully it is necessary to train both the speed of the movement of hands, and speed of legs because drawing good kick requires interaction of all parts of the body.

It is required to you

  • - easy dumbbells;
  • - heavy medbol;
  • - natsenny pillow;
  • - bag with sand.


1. Pick up semi-kilogram dumbbells. Perform exercise "shadow-fighting" within 5-10 minutes at fast pace daily. Don't take too heavy weight, it can lead to foul of the technology of kick.

2. You strike blows with the maximum force to the wall pillow. One kick is carried out within 3 seconds. Loading - 50-60 kicks for one round. In total carry out 10 rounds. The break for rest is no more than a minute.

3. For development of speed of kick perform pliometrichesky exercises, for example push-ups with cotton. Receive situation the lying support. Slowly bend hands in elbows and lower the body down, yet you won't touch by the floor breast. Then the push throw out the body up. You have to manage to clap while the body is in the flight phase.

4. Play badminton within the hour three times a week. This occupation trains instant reaction and ability to react quickly to movements of the opponent. Jet Li calls badminton the basis of the well-known explosive reaction.

5. You strike fast blows to the bag with sand. At kick twist the forearm and beat with bones of average and index fingers. It will allow to carry out kick of the maximum force.

6. Get up directly, legs shoulder width apart. Lower hands along the body. Sit down, taking away the basin back so that knees didn't go beyond the line of socks. With the force jump up and press knees to the breast. Softly land and immediately again execute the jump. Do jumps one after another without stopping. Begin with 3-5 approaches till 10-20 of repetitions. This exercise is obligatory in training of sprinters and allows to develop explosive reaction of legs.

7. Get up facing the wall at distance of 2-3 meters. With the force throw heavy medbol from the breast in the wall. Try to obtain that medbol rebounded to you in hands.

8. Get up directly, place legs on width of shoulders. Lift heavy medbol over the head. With the force throw medbol into the floor as if you try to break it. You seek to achieve the highest rebound.

9. Exclude from exercise trainings on the biceps. Well developed bicepses interfere with relaxation of the hand that is the necessary condition for drawing fast biting kick.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team