How to make racetracks with own hands

How to make racetracks with own hands

The sports ground near the house can be made and by own efforts, having brought together active and vigorous residents. At the sufficient area you will have the full-fledged football field surrounded with racetracks. Children with pleasure will play in the sports ground, and adults will be engaged in jogging.

It is required to you

  • - flat platform;
  • - sand;
  • - turf;
  • - crushed stone;
  • - skating rink.


1. Do the racetrack after the device of the football field. Length of the normal track usually is 400 meters. But, of course, at the lack of the place she is well. If to do the football field in due form, its sizes will be 105х70 meters, and the track laid around it for run will be equal to about 400 meters.

2. Make the racetrack in the form of the ellipse. Two straight lines on sides of the field will equal to 100 classical meters that is convenient for run competitions. Width of the track has to be about six meters that several runners could be engaged freely at the same time. From the football field it has to separate 0.5-1 meter.

3. You can make racetracks grassy and cinder. If it is good to look after the grass track, it on speed will be equivalent cinder. But from intensive use the grass is quickly trodden, and the track will demand repair.

4. The cinder path - the most widespread. Its lower layer consists of rough large stone crushed stone. After its filling stamp the layer, having employed the heavy road skating rink. Then lay the following layer consisting of 15-centimeter slag. The last layer consists of the chernozem, ashes and clay sand. Well mix all this and roll.

5. Do the racetrack which is called "the sandy earth" as follows. Cut the turf pieces on 70х35 centimeters and turn it the grass down. Stack these pieces on the track exactly, densely moving up to each other.

6. After that put the sand layer in 2-3 centimeters and mix it the rake until the earth and sand aren't the whole. Slightly water the surface of the track and roll or stamp.

7. At rich soil and coarse-grained sand at you the good racetrack will turn out. But you shouldn't forget about leaving – periodically it needs to be rolled, and in dry weather to water that there were no cracks. It is impossible to wear on racetracks in footwear heels.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team