How to make sports the figure

How to make sports the figure

When in summer day on the street young people with beautiful pumped up by bodies towards move, and there is a wish to be engaged the in the figure too. Visit of gym isn't always possible or available. And you can take sports, fit form and in house conditions, using readily available means – dumbbells, weights or even the body weight of the body.

  • - dumbbells or any other load of hands;
  • - point of fixation of legs (sofa, battery, etc.).

1. Be engaged in morning run. It is one of the best ways to lose excess weight and to make the organism more sports and hardy.

2. Master the complex of the all-developing exercises. It is inexpedient to begin trainings without it and it is even dangerous. Before each training you need to be warmed to avoid injuries after load of muscles. It is gradually possible to increase time or distance of run.

3. Press the head to the chin and put hands on the nape. Do head movements back, creating hands counteraction. After that rest palms against the head which is thrown back back and incline it to the breast, too counteracting hands. For performance of the ducking the same way rest one hand towards bending against the parties. Make three approaches till 5-10 times back and forth and to the right-to the left.

4. To pump up back muscles, find the convenient point of support under which it is possible to thrust legs. For example, under the sofa. Lay down on the stomach and slowly cave in in the back, lifting and lowering the top part of the trunk. For one approach do exercise of 5 times. Determine number of approaches whenever possible them to execute.

5. Put emphasis on fists and carry out push-ups on 10 times for approach. Try to make at least 3-5 approaches. For bigger efficiency place as it is possible more widely than the hand.

6. In the prone position bend legs in knees. If desired legs can be recorded under the same sofa. Put hands on the nape and lift the case, turning serially to the left and to the right. For a start there will be enough several approaches 10 rises. Exercise helps to pump up press muscles.

7. On outstretched arms you hold small cargo – for example, to steam of books or the dumbbell. Put legs shoulder width apart. Carry out slow squats till 10-15 times for approach. The back at the same time has to be the straight line. Make several approaches.

8. Upon termination of exercises recover the breath lying on the back. It is possible to walk several minutes on foot down the street, but only not to sleep. In the hour after the training it is possible to eat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team