How to make the back is more flexible

How to make the back is more flexible

To make the back flexible, it is necessary to know what exercises will help it and with what frequency to be engaged. If to show persistence, then back muscles will become stronger, the bearing will become royal.

Float and hang

The unexercised back can become the reason of the rachiocampsis, osteochondrosis and other troubles. If there is the opportunity to go to the pool, then it is fine. Water will help the training of muscles, without overstraining them.

To cope with these problems and to make the back of more flexible the horizontal bar will help. It is possible to hang up it houses in the doorway or to be engaged in the hall, on the street. Clasp the horizontal bar with hands and you will hang up so much how many you will be able. Try not to strain at the same time muscles, and to relax them.

Let the first time you will be able to hold on in such situation no more than five seconds, don't despair, the subsequent attempts will be more successful if to be engaged daily, doing not miss any training. At osteochondrosis (but not during aggravation), scoliosis doctors very much recommend to have houses the horizontal bar and to be engaged gradually several times a day.

Extension and power exercises

Power occupations will help to do the back more flexibly and stretching exercises. At first it is necessary to remove muscular stress. Therefore you resemble minutes 5, and then as much dance. As a result of cheerful warm-up not only the muscle will find the necessary tone, but also the mood will be lightened. After that begin the main part of the training. For the first exercise get up on 4 extremities – on hands and knees. Imagine yourself the cat. Like this flexible animal curve the back. It has to become semicircular. During these corporal manipulations hang the head down. Now bend the back. It is necessary to do it slowly, lowering the waist down, and raising the head upward. Begin with 7 repetitions, gradually reaching 20. It is time to give rest to the back, but also during it it is possible to continue to be engaged in its improvement. Lay down the back on the rug. Extend the head in one party, and legs – in another. You have to feel how you during this exercise become higher and more slender. Muscles have a rest, it is possible to rise on all fours again, but to do more dynamic exercise. Tighten the knee of the right leg towards the chin, and then make the sharp backward swing. After five repetitions too most do the left leg. It is time to rise and pick up small dumbbells. Connect them at the level of the breast, and then part elbows aside. Again deliver to the brush with dumbbells at the level of the breast and take hands already big detour, having parted them in the parties completely. After that do the same, but with serial lunge one, other leg forward. Remove dumbbells, put arms on hips and bend several times forward and back. In conclusion about frequency. If you are engaged 2 times a day 20-25 minutes, then in 3-4 weeks feel that the back became more flexible, and the bearing improves in the eyes. Don't stop occupations at all, the flexibility both comes, and leaves if not to train it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team