How to make the breast it is more

How to make the breast it is more

The magnificent breast draws attention of men, often serves as the subject of envy of women and pride of the owner. Its size and the form is put at teenage age, however can be changed in the consequence as in the worst, and to the best. It is possible to achieve increase in the breast by means of operation, special trainings or just as a result of the set of excess weight.


1. Cardinally it is possible to increase the breast and to change its form only by means of plastic surgery as a result of which under the pectoral muscle implants will be inserted. Such way allows to make the breast 2 bigger or 3 sizes that can't almost achieve in other ways. Nevertheless, operation has the set of the shortcomings including long sensations of pain in the breast and possible negative consequences for health.

2. Other way to increase the size of one of the most attractive parts of the women's body – set in weight. The women's breast consists, including, and from fatty tissue which increase leads also to change of the size of the breast. For this reason very stout persons can usually brag of the magnificent bust. However such way is fraught with obesity and problems with health therefore those women who suffer from excessive leanness need to grow fat.

3. Helps to make the breast more also vacuum massage – the procedure strengthening rush of blood to the bust. After it the breast becomes much more sensitive, however looks more magnificent and tightened why and it seems more. The lack of such procedure consists in possible painful feelings in the breast and nondurable effect, remaining from the week to one month. That is why vacuum massage it is necessary will repeat through certain time, it is better – in beauty shops.

4. It is possible to increase the breast also special exercises which strengthen the muscles supporting it. Lay down the back on the bench or stools put one after another so that the legs bent in knees rested against the floor. Take in each hand on dumbbell from 1 to 2 kg and part them in the parties. Slowly raise straight arms over the breast, record their situation for several seconds, and then again part in the parties, having a little lowered to the floor. Repeat exercise of 10-20 times.

5. After that get up directly, without letting go dumbbells. Incline the case forward, trying not to bend the back, and perform straight arms exercise "scissors". To achieve from this exercise of the maximum effect, it is necessary to make 2 approaches on 50 arms swings.

6. The following exercise – tightening of palms before grulyyu. Become directly, place legs on width of shoulders, and press palms to each other before the breast. Within 10 seconds with the force press down palms to each other, trying to strain muscles of the breast and hands. Then have a rest the same amount of time and repeat exercise. Total repetition – not less than 10.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team