How to make the difficult jump from the wall

How to make the difficult jump from the wall

For quite some time now the range of classical track and field athletics jumps considerably increased thanks to such sports direction as parkour. Treysera limit complexity of elements only to own imagination therefore they expand quantity of jumps from the wall almost indefinitely.

1. Worry about safety. The first that it is necessary to check – quality of interaction with the wall. Make sure thatMake sure that the sole of footwear doesn't slide on the surface and the wall is quite steady (any block at take-off won't move back). Never try to execute the element on the damp surface since the chance to slip increases several times.

2. Ascent is carried out at the expense of correctly enclosed push. Collision with the wall has to be elastic – try not to "crash" into the surface, and to find in it for itself the point of support. Divide the push into three parts: the jump from the earth, contact of the wall, take-off. At the same time, you make a start from the earth not take-off foot, and "fly" on the obstacle a little above the knee (depends on your opportunities). As much as possible absorb – your leg becomes the spring which has to be straightened with the force. At the same time set the direction strictly up.

3. Technology of performance of acrobatic exercises in general remains. In particular, if you want to make the back somersault from the wall, then the push for you serves only as ascent. The main idea remains invariable: group and the swing shoulders back, only adjusted for height. Probability that at backflip you will touch the wall is extremely small therefore especially you shouldn't worry about it. However, when performing more difficult elements (the internal geyner, "boxes", internal side) it is necessary to enter due amendments and to set the push vector not strictly up, and on the inclined plane from the wall.

4. Perfect technical merit. If all complexity of the jump consists in distance which needs to be overcome, then you can increase it not only at the expense of increase in speed and the enclosed force: try to observe the proper technique of the jump (the arms swing, additional breakthrough in air, the correct take-off). Practice shows that at respect for all nuances you can increase distance (both in height, and in length) to 40%.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team