How to make the extension

How to make the extension

The good extension is important at sports activities and in life. Sporting achievements aren't possible without well stretched muscles. The muscles reduced at the training can't receive independently initial length within several days. Constant trainings without extension make the person beefy, but clumsy. In life of people without good extension has bigger risk when falling to damage to itself something. The extension needs to be done after the sports occupations or at any time during the day.


1. Get up directly, part legs on two width of shoulders. On the exhalation lower the upper body, deliver to the palm on the floor, transfer weight to hands. As much as possible part legs, imitating the cross split. Stand so 1-2 minutes. Carefully tighten legs in the home position.

2. Sit down on the right knee, lean on the right hand, the left palm take the anklebone of the left leg. Pull the heel of the left leg to the left buttock. Feel the muscle strain of the front part of the hip. Carefully straighten the left leg. Repeat exercise on other leg.

3. Sit down on the floor, extend legs, raise straight arms over the head. With the exhalation lower the upper body to legs. You hold the back directly, pull the breast to knees. You sit so 1-2 minutes. Relax all upper body, round the back, put hands on the floor. In 2 minutes straighten the back, clamp shoulders ears and on the breath raise the upper body.

4. Get up directly, put fingers of hands behind the back in "lock", open the thorax. On the breath raise straight arms behind the back up. You hold situation 1-2 minutes. With the exhalation receive the home position.

5. Sit down on the right hip, the knee put at an angle 90 degrees, take away the left leg back. On the exhalation lower the upper body on the floor, feel how the right hip stretches. Perform exercise within 2 minutes. On the breath raise the upper body, lean on hands, carefully straighten the right leg. Repeat exercise by the left leg.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team