How to make the figure to the man

How to make the figure to the man

In recent years men began to pay the increasing attention to the appearance. Now the beautiful figure is sign of success and health. It is no wonder that the fitness industry endures the real boom. But what is the ideal men's figure and how to create it whenever possible quickly? Signs are very simple: slender waist, wide back, strong hands and shoulders. These elements are evident first of all and do the men's silhouette recognizable.

It is required to you

  • - post;
  • - dumbbells;
  • - horizontal bar.


1. Carry out pullings up on the horizontal bar to achieve study of muscles of the back. It is difficult to replace this exercise any other. It is possible to be improved not only in the gym, but also in the yard, and at home.

2. Grasp the horizontal bar with hands, the distance between palms - is slightly wider than shoulders. Palms look from themselves. Hang, having slightly bent legs. Cave in in the waist and cramp shovels. Slowly tighten elbows to the body and rise up, yet you won't touch the horizontal bar by the chin. Then without hurrying fall down. Don't relax the back and don't hang freely on hands. It can lead to the injury of muscles of the triceps.

3. For creation of the slender waist the study not only press muscles is necessary, you need to create the so-called muscular corset. Bark remains ideal exercise for muscles the level. This isometric exercise needs to be performed daily within 1-2 minutes.

4. Receive situation the lying support on elbows. Elbows have strictly under shoulder joints. Rest socks of legs against the floor. At the expense of the muscle tension of the case hold the body absolutely direct from the top to heels. You hold the back equal as though it nestles on the equal board. Don't curve the waist at all and don't bend. Strain buttocks. Be late in this situation about a minute.

5. Pick up the heavy post. Get up directly, hands with the post are freely lowered along the body. Without changing the arm position and holding the straight line back, raise shoulders up as if trying to reach them ears. Slowly lower them down, feel that muscles stretch under weight of the post. Make three approaches on 5-8 repetitions. This exercise is aimed at the development of the deltoid muscle.

6. Get up directly, legs shoulder width apart. Pick up the post. Hands are freely lowered along the body. Lift the post up, bending hands in elbows. In the top point the post has to be closely to shoulders, be late for couple of seconds and smoothly lower the post in the home position. Raising of the post is aimed at the development of shoulders and bicepses. It is possible to perform this exercise, using dumbbells.

7. Working on the most recognizable signs of the men's silhouette, don't forget that 80% of the interviewed women the most erotic part of the male body call buttocks. Surely add to the squat training with the post. It will allow you to strengthen at the same time all muscles of legs and buttocks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team