How to make the front scale on the horizontal bar

How to make the front scale on the horizontal bar

There is the set of various exercises developed for performance on the horizontal bar. "Front scale" is considered one of ordinary strength gymnastic elements. For studying this simple, but at the same time effective reception there are several councils, adhering to which, it is possible to master quickly it, at the same time without having done much harm to the health.


1. The horizontal rear hang, or "front scale" is carried out the easiest by the top grip though it is possible also any other provided that you have enough experience and forces for this purpose. Basic elements for performance of exercise don't exist since it is considered simple body-check. All necessary skills develop in time of performance of "front scale".

2. To execute this element, strong grab two hands the signature stamp, legs put slightly already width of shoulders and bring them over the head, push under the horizontal bar and gradually lower back. At the same time try to hold horizontal position without body pro-hangs. The stomach has to is on one line with the head and legs. Performance of such exercise will require presence of the certain force and ability to hold the body in the necessary situation.

3. For simplification of performance of "front scale" the beginners will be helped by narrowing of the grasp of hands after brought legs back. It will give the additional support at the expense of wide muscles. But you shouldn't put hands closely because will disturb. Also expansion or the bend of legs in knees after throwing will facilitate loading back. Still it is possible to try to carry out "front scale" not at once, and gradually. At first to throw legs over the head and to receive the vertical position of the body. Gradually lowering legs back and being late in such situation which you will can do. Over time approach horizontal position of the body more and more. If so exercise isn't given, then it is worth looking for the person who will be able to support you for the breast and legs during the horizontal hang that considerably will lower load of muscles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team