How to make the mat

How to make the mat

Children in the house are joy. But the fact that children love outdoor games and fall during them it is the problem. We suggest you to make independently at home the real wrestling mat. It will secure children's leisure and will save your nerves.

It is required to you

  • - dense strong fabric 256 cm long (width of 150 cm)
  • - 2 tractor lightnings 100 cm long
  • - 2 pieces of foam rubber 100 cm wide, 75 cm long, 10 cm high


1. Make preparation of the main details of the mat. Cut off 2 pieces 100 cm long. Cut out 2 strips 13 cm wide and 4 strips 8 cm wide from the remained fabric.

2. Take 2 narrow strips and sew between them the lightning. Cut off excessive length. Repeat the same with two other narrow strips. Sew among themselves in the tape all strips, alternating the strip to the lightning and the strip without lightning. Sew the turned-out tape around.

3. Put big details together and round off corners scissors. Now serially sew the turned-out narrow round strip with lightnings at first to one big detail, then to another. You watch that lightnings were located on the short parties of big details. Turn out the turned-out bag it is available.

4. Spread out and straighten it exactly. Fix fabric by pins that it didn't move down. Exactly on the middle lay the line with clips at the edges. Don't finish the line to the edge approximately on 10 cm.

5. At you the cover in two entrances on the lightning from the opposite sides turned out. It was necessary to insert into it 2 pieces of foam rubber and the wrestling mat is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team