How to make the step

How to make the step

Possibly, at most of people this word is associated with the skipjack. The step is the dance which cornerstone the tap dance is. But this concept extended, and now represents wider group of exercises, than just dance moves. Now the term the step – the integral part the step aerobics.


1. Why step aerobics? Here everything is logical, considering that in modern understanding the step - the special platform, the apparatus for trainings. Externally it is very similar to the low wide bench. You can sniff mistrustfully, say, that in it sports and to what the high rank of the apparatus, but the step is far not so simple as it seems. Look narrowly at it more attentively.

2. As the tool which is used when performing physical exercises, the step platform has to correspond strictly to the whole list of requirements and criteria. It is guarantee of safety for training. The most important criteria are the durability, stability, tenacity.

3. Height, usual for the step, – from 15 to 30 cm, and width – 50 cm. Of course, it is better and safer to buy such platform, but at great desire or lack of money it is possible to make her and hands. For this purpose just take the steady bench suitable under the listed parameters.

4. Apply the adhesive layer on the bench, even PVA will approach, and cover not sliding, it is possible the rubberized fabric. You watch that fabric whenever possible completely became impregnated with glue and densely adjoined to the bench.

5. Fix edges of fabric from the bottom side of the bench by small carnations or brackets which are used by furniture makers.

6. Sometimes for absorption between the tree and fabric lay the thin rubber plate, in that case it needs to be fixed separately by the same furniture nails, and only then to paste fabric.

7. Also the fact that ways of rise on the step more than 200 is interesting. And you thought, know how to rise and go down on steps? It appears, you don't know also the 100-th share of all possible options of it, apparently, of the simplest occupation. Of course, all these exercises are performed to the sound of music with the accurate rhythm. Unfortunately, to fans of classics on occupations the step aerobics will hardly be possible to hear Dvorak or Bach if only in processing of some DJ.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team