How to make the waist in the month by means of the fitball

How to make the waist in the month by means of the fitball

Fitball - the popular fitness apparatus which use during the training helps to involve the much bigger number of muscles. It occurs thanks to instability of the ball.

It is required to you

  • - fitball;
  • - comfortable clothes and footwear for fitness.


1. If your problem zone is the waist, then exercises with the fitball will approach as well as possible. Carry out them 3 times a week within 25-30 minutes, and in two-three weeks the first results will be noticeable. Also don't forget about the healthy balanced nutrition.

2. Sliding on the myachelyagta on the fitball, hands put emphasis in the floor. Crossing palms on the floor, receive such situation that hips leaned on the ball. Strain the press and hold this situation within 30 seconds. Then once again repeat exercise.

3. Pass to the lezhalyagta on the back. Catch the ball in both hands and extend them over the head. Tear off legs from the floor and you hold suspended. Make the simultaneous movement towards hands and legs, straining press muscles. The waist is pressed to the floor. Alternately pass the fitball from hands in legs and back. Hands and legs in the home position you hold suspended. Repeat 12-15 times in 2-3 approaches.

4. The level on the myachevstanta on knees before the ball, lean on the ball forearms. Now straighten legs and raise knees, resting socks against the floor. Your body has to form the straight line. Be late in the level for 15 seconds, gradually finish performance time up to 30 seconds. Return to the initial position. Repeat once again.

5. Put twisting on the myachesyadta on the fitball, feet steadily on width of shoulders. Slide the fitball until until the waist nestles on its surface. Place hands for the head, deviate back. On the exhalation lift the case, straining press muscles, on the breath come back to the home position. Repeat 12-15 times in 2-3 approaches.

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